Thank you for your interest in the healing potential of psychedelics and sacred plant and earth medicines.

As you can imagine, I am asked how to get psychedelics and/or recommendations for psychedelic retreats, microdosing, and other psychedelic inquires A LOT (hence the need for this page).

Please understand that my below response here is not personal to you.

I do not recommend or refer any:  psychedelic facilitators, where or how to do any psychedelics, psychedelic therapists, ayahuasca or other medicine ceremonies, psychedelic retreats, where/how to acquire psychedelics, microdoses, sacred plant medicines, how to grow mushrooms, etc.  

Here’s why.

First, if I refer or recommend something/someone to YOU, I’d have to refer or recommend to the other thousands of people who ask me.  

Second, if I refer someone and something does not work out well, the container is not held safely, or something goes wrong, it will lead back to me.  And the person (you) who I send to a facilitator or retreat center also becomes my liability to the facilitator. Either way it puts me, my sacred work in the world, and all parties in potentially risky positions.

So I made the decision a long time ago that I refer no one to no one and nothing except some great coaches and healers here on this resources page.

Understand this is not personal to you or anyone who asks me.  It’s just my professional boundary. 

What I can recommend is that you set a strong intention in your heart to be guided to the right psychedelic experience or facilitator, therapists, ceremony, etc. and start praying with your intention.  I truly believe if you want it and pray with your intention, when the Divine agrees that the Timing is right, it will manifest into your reality. 

My mission is to help people align with their heart, tap into their purpose, and start and grow their heart-centered business so they can make money doing fulfilling work they love.  I believe psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can help you open your heart and find your purpose, and part of my role on earth is to awaken and further this conversation.  But my role does not involve connecting people to these medicines themselves.

I am happy to refer you to a list of incredible psychedelic integration coaches, somatic therapists who also understand psychedelics, and other healers, coaches and transformational leaders who understand the psychedelic experience and can help with prep and integration. (Note: psychedelic experiences alone are NOT a magic fix. It’s the regular integration and day-to-day practices that provide the real lasting healing!)

If you want to learn more about psychedelics and sacred medicines, I recommend you check out some of my many free psychedelic resources, podcast, summits and guides below:

I hope you understand and I wish you all the best on your journey!  Feel free to let me know how your prayers and intentions manifest and how your experience works out.

Lots of love,