How to build a freedom-based business

How to build a freedom-based business

 “Good things take time…but great things happen all at once.” 

That’s a quote from the movie Rat Race (it’s a ridiculous comedy where a bunch of normal people go crazy trying to find a bag full of money).   And as silly as that movie is…   I think the quote has some great wisdom for building and growing a business.

Because good things DO take time. You have to WORK at them. Build the skills you need.

But then suddenly, as if by some sudden force of nature, those good things?

They turn into GREAT things. And it usually happens faster than you can imagine. Seemingly “all at once.”

It’s like this, imagine yourself trying to push a boulder off a hill. You push. You struggle. You get tired… but you keep pushing, but the boulder barely seems to move at all. But you nudge it one inch. Then another inch… until suddenly…

It rolls down the hill so fast you can barely see it. It breaks through all the obstacles in its way. The momentum that YOU gave the boulder from pushing it makes it a nearly unstoppable force. What many people don’t realize when building their business, is that it works on the same principle as the boulder. (Except with a lot less sweating and pushing… and it can be a lot less hard work). 

All you have to do is take one small action towards building your business each day.

You may not see any changes right away. But you keep doing that “one small action” until BOOM. You’re in flow with your business. Then you keep going…and BOOM again. You make another sale…

You see, a freedom-based business doesn’t always come about gradually.

You probably won’t have the income you want right away, or within the first few days or weeks.

You’ll get it in “leaps and bounds.” Just as long as you take that one simple action, and you keep doing it. 

So how do you know WHAT action to take? Simple. In my True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Program I’ve broken down the most important DAILY actions you need to take when building your freedom-based business.

When you start doing them, it’ll seemingly happen “all at once.”

So if you’re ready to get focused, really build your business, and finally have the freedom-based life you want…

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Remember, you don’t have to push a boulder. I’ve made it much easier than that.