Live, interactive workshop: “Using ‘Practical Woo’ to Achieve Your Goals, Manifest Your Dreams & Create A Powerful 2020!”

I’ve been hosting this Goal Manifesting Workshop annually for the last 4 years, and people have had *incredible* results from it: … started new businesses, transitioned careers, moved, manifested dream homes, new jobs, fallen in love, lost weight, etc, etc.

This workshop combines neuroscience-backed methodologies, spiritual “manifesting” techniques, and somatic, body-based therapies…. along with practical, step-by-step action plans to help you create what you want, and have the lifestyle you desire living from your heart, with purpose, and in inspired action!!

This workshop is for YOU if…

– You have dreams, goals and ideas that you’re super excited about that you want to make a reality!
– You want more out of life…you feel ready to do more of what’s aligned with your heart and soul.
– You feel so inspired when you think about what it is you want to manifest!
– And you want more fun, fulfillment, freedom and abundance in your life!


– You are not sure what to do first, or next, to manifest all your goals.
– You might feel stuck… like you’re getting nowhere with your big dreams.
– You feel you don’t have enough time or energy, or don’t know how to manage the time that you have.
– Maybe you procrastinate, or can’t seem to finish the big goals you start…
– You have tons of great ideas, but you are not focused enough…
– You really want to get past your blocks and finally start getting sh*t done!

I feel you!  Trust me…I’ve been there too. But you CAN get past these obstacles and you CAN start manifesting your dream life, now!!

I am going to share my part woo-woo and part practical goal-setting and dream-manifesting strategies so you can get into action, stop your procrastination and achieve all your goals in 2020!

In this workshop, you will learn:

* Hacks and tools to get you grounded, centered, focused and into action.
* Easy actions you can take right away so you don’t procrastinate on your goals any longer.
* How to powerfully get momentum now so you can manifest all your dreams this year.
* How to work with procrastination and distractions and use them to get results.
* Steps to take towards your dreams and goals, even if you don’t know what it is want!

Nicolai Grosell, CCEP, EMM (somatic psychotherapist & Core Energetics therapist) will also be leading some body-centered exercises to help you break though your blocks and help you manifest your goals easier!

My mission is to help you learn, grow and follow your heart so you can live a better life, inspire others to do the same, and ultimately make this planet a happier place for all!

Bring: journal, pen. Dress: comfortably, no shoes in room.