Last weekend, I went to a dinner given by a friend who has a {side} business.

I got super fired up hearing his reasons why it’s only a side business and not a full-time business like he wants… and I want YOU to hear this so you can learn for yourself!

{It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or want, this applies to ALL kinds of businesses!}

So, this friend sells a really incredible niche product that he individually hand-crafts himself. He’s sort of an artist-scientist-craftsman selling a ~$200-400 product that can enhance and improve one’s life. 

His product is pretty unique, which to him seems a problem, but to me is a major advantage!

He has had the business a longgggg time, but it doesn’t make enough money to support him. I know it could.  

Here are the reasons he told me why his business isn’t growing… a.k.a…


MYTH #1:  “I don’t have enough money” (for marketing, getting help, etc)


(1)  We are truly blessed with the power of technology that not only allows us to market for free, but is a key in marketing your business — no matter what kind of business you have. Marketing is free via:  your email list; all social media channels; doing in-person talks/events; posting videos on YouTube; doing Facebook and/or Instagram live videos, and more. 

You just need to learn how to build your email list and all other channels the right way. (That’s a whole other blog post).

(2) He makes money at his job, and I know it’s pretty decent money.  But he’s not investing money into getting the right kind of support that will help him grow. His fears, blocks and major limiting beliefs are what’s holding him back from investing into his growth.

It’s not about “spending money”, it’s making an investment. You need to invest money to learn how to make more money!  Which is what every successful entrepreneur does, and what multimillion $ companies do.

MYTH #2:   “My _____ isn’t good enough.”


What I heard from him next was why he felt he can’t explain it. When I dug deeper, it all came down to 2 things:  *Fears* and *Perfection Paralyzation.  (I’ve written more about getting caught in the entrepreneurial perfection paralyzation pickle!)

He is afraid this or that is not good enough. He thinks if he makes videos, they need to be professionally made videos. He thinks someone else needs to be the face of his business. He thinks he needs someone to do the copywriting. He thinks his website isn’t good enough. And so on.  (Does that sound like YOU?)

He is afraid to be seen exactly as he is, as his business is,  and is afraid to put it out there consistently “imperfect” as it is. 

But he’s got it all backwards!! 

Being seen exactly as you are, and being YOU – imperfect as you are – is what makes you and your product unique, and is actually what will help to sell your offerings and attract clients to you!! 

Ugh. It makes me so upset to see people so stuck “waiting for things to be perfect”, when that’s just BS.  You can easily get past it with some effort and support. 

Your business only grows as much as YOU personally grow… you must work on your mindset and your self-growth in order to grow your biz.

MYTH #3:   “People don’t get it.”


Uhh, then explain it to them! Make videos, do talks, tell stories, get testimonials, email your list, share stories. Consistently…!  Consistency when starting and growing your new business is so key. You can’t post a video every few months and hope to get clients or sales. All messaging and marketing needs consistency, for any kind of business.

Multi-millions have made selling fabric softener, random gadgets and other useless things. People will “get” anything with the right messaging.

MYTH #4:   “It’s too expensive.”


No one needs a $$$$ item. Especially when there’s a $ or $$ option, but we choose the $$$$ for one reason or another. 

Porsche vs. Toyota. Dishwasher vs. hand-washing. Artwork vs. boring walls. 

The $$$$ option might make our lives better, easier, help us more, makes us feel good, happier, enhances our lives in some way.  People pay when they understand the value.

I pay $$$$ for organic, farm-fresh food because my health and brain mean more to me than pretty much anything. Although I can get the same food for $$, the value is worth paying more to me. 

Conveying the value of your offerings and services applies to any business, and the price does not matter. (If anything, the higher price, the better – but that’s also a whole other email!)

Do YOU have any of these myths going through your head? 

Do you find yourself thinking some of these, and find you’re still in the same place you were years ago?

It’s time to stop believing your myths.

I really hate to see you with a business you want to grow for so long, but staying STUCK in your same stories.

I have so many clients who come to me who’ve been stuck, lost and stagnant years… “doing it on their own” and not making enough money… 

They hear so many of these and other myths in their head. 

They listen to all their friends and family telling them what they think they should to do (which is usually bad advice), they even try learning from YouTube and podcasts…

….but they are still stuck and do not know the tangible steps to take in order to grow and make more money.

I want you to know there are solutions, and there is a better way!

You do not have to believe all the myths in your head.

You do not have to believe what you hear from others or your past or society.

You do not have to only have a “side” business.

You CAN have your own full-time, money-making business you love! 

If you want to get a specific plan for getting unstuck and start growing and fulfilling your potential, then you might want to consider one of my spiritual business coaching programs here. 

Your offerings, your products, your art, and your future are way too important to stay stuck in these myths.


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