New Free Summit: Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul’s Purpose, and Business

Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul's Purpose & Business

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Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul’s Purpose, & Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences into Heart Centered Entrepreneurship”

I’m SO EXCITED to unveil, Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul’s Purpose & Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences into Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship!

I often wonder if this event is my last one. But every year I host this event, I’m continuously blown away by the soul’s of the leaders I connect with and the conversations I get to share. I’m often teary-eyed during the interviews.

If you’ve worked with psychedelics, you may know that out of the darkest parts of your Soul comes the flowering of your deepest Purpose. Parts that have been hidden in dark corners are parts of you that, once integrated, are keys to your desires and fulfillment.   

As series speaker & depth therapist Simon Yugler reminds us, “Psyche” = soul, “Delic”, = manifest. Soul manifested.

I believe psychedelics and sacred medicines can help give clarity on your Soul’s Path. The medicines have activated many being called to a path of heart-centered service — service to help people navigate the ups & downs of the collective initiation & awakening during these changing times. This service path can come in many forms, yet many feel called to transformational entrepreneurship: coaches, healers, Psychedelic Pioneers, integration coaches, spiritual leaders, therapists & more.

We need Your Unique Medicine – You Are The Medicine For These Times.

Yet psychedelics are only truly powerful if you *integrate* & implement what they reveal to create change & align you with the path of your soul.

This is the inspiration to bring 39+ leaders & visionaries together in this event. Leaders such as:

Charles Eisenstein, Tricia Eastman, Alex & Allyson Grey, Xochitl Ashe, Sandra Ingerman, Robin Rose Bennett, Wade Davis, Atria Tan, Kyle Buller of Psychedelics Today,  East Forest, Kat Courtney of Plant Medicine People, Kamya Buch, Lorna Liana of Entheonation, Kufikiri Imara, Dr. Marie Mbouni, Natasja Pelgrom, Dr. Benjamin Malcolm, Rak Razam, Maria Teresa Chavez, Tah and Kole Whitty, Daniel Shankin of Tam Integration, Joel Brierre, Simon Yugler, Gibran Rivera, Danielle Negrin of The San Francisco Psychedelic Society, Tasha Blank, Mareesa Stertz of Lucid News, Paola Ucelo, and many others. 

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