Beth Weinstein: How I Microdose Psilocybin

Microdosing not only helps depression & anxiety, but can be an optimization tool for entrepreneurs, creatives, and biohackers. What about going deeper than “using” psilocybin to “achieve”, do more, have more success? Learn how to connect with plant spirits to create a partnership that helps you align to your heart & highest vision of service for humanity & Earth.

Ronan Levy: Psychedelic Medicine: A Field Trip

Beth Weinstein and Ronan Levy discuss the gray zone between perception and reality when it comes to opportunity in psychedelic businesses, the embodied empathy psychedelic experiences can give, Ronan’s co-founded business, Field Trip Health Ltd., and its current challenges and future inside the psychedelic industry.

Victoria Wueschner: 5-MeO-DMT Harm Reduction & Education

Victoria Wueschner and Beth Weinstein discuss the ethics, integrity, and safety of 5-MeO-DMT Bufo “Toad Medicine”, Kaivalya’s new education platform F.I.V.E – 5-MeO-DMT Information and Vital Education, and how to find safe and effective 5-MeO-DMT facilitators and retreats.

Dr. Hannah McLane: Psychedelic Facilitator Training with Dr. Hannah McLane

Dr. Hannah McLane joins Beth Weinstein for a conversation about bringing ethics, equity, and innovation to the psychedelic ecosystem and psychedelic facilitator training. Discover Dr. Hannah’s work with psychedelic therapy, Tibetan Buddhism, The SoundMind Institute, and her approach to psychedelic therapy training.

Beth Weinstein: How to Become a Psychedelic Integration Coach

Beth Weinstein shares about becoming a Psychedelic Integration Coach, what it takes to become a psychedelic coach, the commitment to your own integration journey, and keeping your self (and ego) in check. She also speaks to the importance of hearing your truth and following what lights you up most as you step into psychedelic integration coaching.

Chor Boogie: Bridging Worlds: Serving Iboga in the Western World

Beth and Chor Boogie, a spray paint fine artist and visionary, discuss his career as an artist and the creativity you need to bring to your life, and his personal journey through a profound healing experience with Iboga, the medicine of his African ancestors. Hear about visions from Iboga, the importance of following instructions you receive from Iboga, and learn about Chor’s and Elizabeth Bast’s new iboga retreat center, Soul Centro, in Costa Rica.

Atira Tan: Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation & Integration

Trauma-informed psychedelic facilitator and trainer, Atira Tan, and Beth Weinstein discuss facilitation training as a lifelong journey requiring years of commitment to developing an embodied understanding of yourself and the many dimensions of the medicine. Atira shares stories of working as a trauma-informed psychedelic integration specialist and serving others for nearly two decades.

Beth Weinstein: Playing with Abundance

Listen in as Beth Weinstein shares her own money mindset practices that will help you align with abundance. Practice an abundance mindset and understand that money does not come from hard work, but from alignment to abundance and when your mindset starts shifting towards abundance, your reality becomes more abundant.

Natasja Pelgrom: Psychedelic Facilitation & Awakening the Medicine Within

Learn about the responsibility one has as a psychedelic facilitator to hold sacred the trust offered by serving the people, and how “do no harm” should be a central tenet of all psychedelic facilitation. In this episode, Natasja Pelgrom and Beth discuss psychedelics, shamanism, energy work & more.

Nessi Gomes: Vocal Odyssey: Your Voice is the Medicine

Nessi Gomes and Beth Weinstein discuss how singing ignited her healing journey, ayahuasca, PachaMama Retreat Center, and what propelled her into deep immersion into music therapy. Hear her personal story of letting go and opening to trust in life, reconnecting to the state of wonder and accessing deeper layers of understanding and healing.