Is This Time Trap Blocking Your Spiritual Business?

Do you have a service or product people want? 
Do you have a strategy to sell that service or product to people consistently? 
Do you want a business that gives you freedom to TRAVEL or live anywhere you want?
If you said “yes” to any of the questions above, and you’re ready to take action RIGHT NOW to get the business you want… 

Online Business & Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked

You do not have to believe all the myths in your head. You do not have to believe what you hear from others or your past or society. You do not have to only have a “side” business. You CAN have your own full-time, money-making business you love! 

How Ho’oponopono & Forgiveness Leads to More Money

Ho’oponopono translates to “to make to right or correct”, and the mantra goes: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”

I guide conscious entrepreneurs to align with your deepest purpose, find true fulfillment, and impact the world while making money doing work you love, on your terms, from anywhere in the world… SO, what does forgiveness have to do with business and money?!

The One Simple Secret to Change Your Life

Simple Secret to Change Your Life

Imagine reading your journal in 1 year, 5 years, 20 years…  Will you be happy with what you’ve created, or NOT done?  Do you want to feel self-acknowledgment and love towards yourself, or regret for staying stuck and not making changes?  You can change, you can create the life you want.  If you feel frustrated by life, or totally STUCK, then it is time to change.  In order to change, you must start with one simple step:  your desire to change.

How To Get Clear on Your Spiritual Business Ideas

We always evolve and change. How would you know if the biz you started in 2014 led you, seemingly accidentally, to a totally different business in 2022 that you love more and makes you more money with less time?  You get my point.The thing is, this woman who said “I can’t decide what to do” to do has actually been thinking of doing X and Y (and Z) for a long, longgggg time. For years.

3 Easy Steps to Start Your New Coaching or Healing Business

Start Your New Coaching Business

Everyone I know who’s followed these steps has had success in their coaching or healing business: 1. Get Clarity 2. Create a Program 3. Share your Program. But there’s a lot more to it. The people who have not had results didn’t show up consistently, and didn’t do the work. One client comes to mind: she had some shifts, but she wasn’t showing up, or getting out of her comfort zone, so she didn’t get very many results…

What it Takes to Truly Have A “Laptop Lifestyle” Coaching Business

laptop lifestyle coaching business

When you make a commitment to invest into your coaching or healing business, to step into the unknown to share your gifts with the world, and to show the Universe that you’re ready to go for it, the energy and flow of your investment comes back to you. The Universe supports you even more when you show it what you’re willing to put on the line, that you’re ready to face your fears, to step into your power, and be in service to something greater than your scarce old self. 

Growing Your Coaching Business the Hard Way? Invest in Happiness First and Money Will Follow

Invest in Happiness First

If you “invest” in your happiness… and you serve clients with a full heart…and you’ll make more money anyways.  If you want to create a life filled with happiness AND build a successful business that gives you more free time AND brings you great money (even if that’s not your main focus)… then invest in getting spiritually-based business coaching support.