Rick Doblin: The Future of Psychedelics

Rick Doblin is a pioneer working in psychedelic advocacy and research for decades, long before the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ we are experiencing today. In this interview from Beth’s Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose and Business Summit, Rick shares how his path of personal growth led him to dedicate his life to bringing psychedelic healing to the masses.

Kyle Buller: Death, Psychedelics & Holotropic States

After a being catapulted into an existential crisis by a near death experience as a teenager, Psychedelics Today co-founder Kyle Buller sought answers to life’s deepest questions through the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Beth and Kyle discuss his profound journey of integration and the work he now does as a therapist and educator in the psychedelic realm.

Lynn Marie Morski: From Traditional Medicine to Psychedelic Medicine

Lynn Marie Morski is a classic example of a psychedelic entrepreneur who found herself totally out of
alignment with her professional work before making a transition into the psychedelic realm that was inspired
by psychedelics themselves. Listen in to today’s episode to learn about this powerful career pivot and the
exciting work she is now doing in psychedelic education.

Beth Weinstein: What is a Psychedelic Entrepreneur?

Beth Weinstein psychedelic business coach

The psychedelic renaissance is HERE, and opportunities for psychedelic entrepreneurship are expanding
exponentially. Whether you are a psychotherapist, life coach, embodiment specialist, sound healer,
breathwork instructor, meditation teacher … or working in any one of countless other modalities that are
needed in the psychedelic realm, now is an incredibly potent time to bring forward your medicine as a
psychedelic entrepreneur.

Daniel Shankin of Tam Integration: Psychedelic Integration Truths

What is psychedelic integration and what does it mean to be a psychedelic integration coach? Beth and Daniel Shankin, coach and coach trainer of Mt Tam Integration, dive deep into the joys and challenges of running a business focused on psychedelic integration and supporting people through “psychedelic assisted coaching”.

Tricia Eastman on Psychedelic Initiation & Facilitation

Beth Weinstein and Tricia Eastman on Psychedelic Initiation & Facilitation on The Psychedelic Entrepreneur podcast

Beth Weinstein speaks to Tricia Eastman shares about becoming a psychedelic medicine
facilitator and the importance of doing both one’s own inner work as well opening up to the spirit
world in order to come to clarity about how to live a life of service and abundance.

Can Psychedelics Heal the Mental Health Crisis and Help You Grow?

Beth Weinstein - Plant Spirit Summit - psychedelic spiritual business coach

A new paradigm of healing is emerging at the intersection of psychedelic medicine and ancestral shamanic healing… Psychedelic medicine has been pushed to the forefront as the new frontier in psychotherapy, a new solution to the global mental health crisis, and a tool for personal growth and development. Psychotherapists might say that its cause is […]

4 Life and Business Lessons I Learned from Magic Psilocybin

Recently I was telling a client about some of my most simple yet profound realizations and lessons with sacred psychedelic plant medicines that have stuck with me for years, helping me in my business and my daily life. Many of these realizations came through one of my favorite teachers, 🍄 Sacred Psilocybin 🍄 . Some via large experiences, some very small…