The New Shamans: Bringing Sacred Ceremony to Psychotherapy with Katrina Michelle

Join Beth Weinstein as she interviews her former True Path Entrepreneur Group Mastermind Program client, Dr. Katrina Michelle, a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual emergence and psychedelic integration. Katrina reflects on her journey from a lack of connection to the spiritual dimension to a sudden and profound out-of-body experience that shifted her path toward transpersonal psychology and therapeutic practice.

Burnout: How to Avoid It & Why People Get Burned Out

Listen in as Beth Weinstein explores the root causes of burnout and why it affects so many people, her personal journey as an entrepreneur and how she successfully avoids burnout in her own life, and the importance of self-care and strategically disconnecting from work to prevent burnout.

Wisdom from Elders & The Psychedelic Underground: Rachel Harris, PhD

Rachel Harris, PhD, is the author of Swimming in the Sacred: Wisdom from the Psychedelic Underground and Listening to Ayahuasca. A psychologist who has been in private practice for 40 years, she spent 10 years in an academic research department where she published more than 40 scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals and received a National Institutes of Health New Investigator’s Award. Rachel splits her time between an island in Maine and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Showing Up on Social Media & Getting Triggered

Listen in as Beth Weinstein shares about the challenges of being seen and showing up authentically on social media, personal experiences being triggered by coming into the public eye as an entrepreneur, and the importance of being held in a supportive community while taking small steps towards personal and professional growth.

Tarot & Intuition: for Business, Preparation & Integration with Brigit Esselmont

This week Beth Weinstein speaks with Brigit Esselmont, who introduces us to the captivating world of tarot, using tarot as an empowerment tool, providing intention setting, guidance, and integration, including for altered states and meditation, and the growing trend of embracing intuition in business practices, allowing individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and make purpose-aligned decisions.

Dr. Dave Rabin: Neuroscience and Apollo Neuro as a Tool for Psychedelic Therapy & Healing

This week Dr. Dave Rabin speaks with Beth Weinstein about the deep connection between trauma, and the body’s natural energy flow and the transformative power of vibration delivered directly to the body in the healing process, the Apollo Neuro, an innovative wearable device crafted by Dr. Rabin and his team, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the device, especially from people seeking seeking improved sleep quality and a deeper sense of calm.

How I Made $19K While Offline at Burning Man

Listen in as Beth Weinstein shares how she made $19,000 while offline at Burning Man, the importance of setting up your business correctly from the beginning to be able to make money while you are offline, and the importance of having proper structures, support systems, automations, and a team in place that allows your business to run smoothly and make money while you’re away.