The Power of Purpose in Spiritual Entrepreneurship

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Conscious Conversion Podcast hosted by Sara Yamtich.

During my episode, I share how we can create a resonant world driven by purpose.

Three Things We Discussed:

Plant medicine is a channel we can use to learn our purpose

Plant medicine helps people awaken their souls and their purpose, and it starts with questioning what’s not working in our lives. Through the medicine, we’re able to wake up to what we’re on this earth for, and find alignment.

We need to view technology positively to allow it to properly benefit us

The internet and technology are actually a gift, it’s part of a global spiritual awakening. We have to reframe how we see these tools, a lot of us view them as too much technology or too capitalist, but the truth is, they are the channels that allow people to hear our message and for us to help them.

Collaboration is the fuel of the new world

With conscious and spiritual entrepreneurship, we’re working from a place of collaboration, not competition. People in the traditional business world are often conditioned to fight each other even though they are in the same space. The reason people are thriving in the startup world is because everyone is collaborating, and succeeding together.

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