One of my goals for this year is to coach at least 30 people in Spiritual Business Coaching Mastermind Program.  In the True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program, I teach newer coaches, healers and similar purpose-based entrepreneurs a proven step-by-step process to start and grow their businesses, and bring in clients as fast as possible. 

Here’s who the group consists of:

– Life / Spiritual / Empowerment coaches

– Psychedelic Integration coaches / Psychedelic-assisted coaching

– Health / Wellness coaches

– Healers, energy workers, sound healers, body workers

– Breathwork practitioners, herbalists, astrologers

– Embodiment coaches 

– Sacred Sexuality / Intimacy / Tantra coaches

– Death Doula’s

– Circle/ceremony space holders

– Consultants

– Yoga teachers

30 people might not sound like a lot, but I like to keep my spaces intimate so I can give each client the attention they need.

That’s the beauty of running your own business.  You get to choose when you start programs, who exactly you want to work with, and you get to choose what your program will be all about. 

Anyway, why am I sharing one of my goals with you? 

I’m sharing my goals because I want you to know how powerful it is to set even the most basic goals. 

Here’s another super basic (but powerful) goal I have for this year:

Free up my May, June and July.

During May-July, I won’t launch anything too huge or do any large projects…I will only serve my clients. 


I will be planting an organic permaculture garden and keeping 🐝 bees 🐝. 

Yep, I’ve always wanted to have a lush, colorful garden. 🥕🍅🥬🍆🍄  

(Which is why I bought a home with 3.5 acres of flat, sunny land!)

I know what you might be thinking…

“Hold up, Beth. You don’t need to take 3 months off of work to start a garden.”

Yes, you’re right.  I don’t need to take 3 months off to plant my dream garden and start beehives. 

But here’s the thing:

I plan to do a lot more than just build a garden in May, June and July. 

I want to take it easy when it’s beautiful outside. I want to do more hiking and bike more.  I want to plant fruit trees.

I want to do an NLP training that’s been on my list of “must do training” for two years.

Essentially, I want (and have) FREEDOM. 

And as a spiritual business coach, freedom is what I want for my clients too.

I’m here to help you to step into your truth so that you can live and work from your heart center. 

I’m here to help you develop the career and business you know deep down you want so you can live a life of happiness and fulfillment. 

And I’m here to help YOU have your freedom with your own businessFREEDOM to work when, how and where I want and take charge of my time and my life is the ultimate form of abundance. 

Don’t get me wrong, money 💵 is important too. 

But sometimes freedom looks slightly different than more money in the bank. 

Sometimes freedom means starting the garden of your dreams. 😊

Sometimes freedom means leaving your soul-sucking 9 to 5 job.  

Sometimes freedom means finally starting that blog or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write. Just like a client in my last Group Coaching Program…

Before she started the program, she was down, unfulfilled and a bit depressed. After just a few calls she started to get waaaaay clearer on her vision. I could literally feel her depression lift. 

On a group call, she announced: “Oh my God, I just negotiated a part-time position at my work and I just put up my blog!!”

Boom!  Next level transformation activated! 

One week she’s suffering feeling unfulfilled and depressed… the next week she’s completely lit up, pouring her heart out to the world through her blog. 

I get so fired up when I help people with their business and life transformations.  

Many of my clients find their purpose, create happiness and freedom, and grow their businesses really fast.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to have the spiritual business and freedom that YOU want (whatever that looks like for you)...

Then apply for your 45-minute Business Breakthrough Session with me here now.

On the call, I’ll help you get CLARITY about how to get started and, together, we’ll create a plan so you can start and grow your business, and create FREEDOM this year.  

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