As I’ve been talking to people interested in launching their own psychedelic, coaching or healing business the last few months, I’ve noticed something…

…something that holds back 80% of the people I talk to from following their passion. 

These 80% of people always seem to have an excuse why they’re not going for it. 

And I’m not talking about legitimate excuses like not being able to drive to work because your car broke down.

I’m not talking about the little day to day excuses like “I can’t cook tonight, I’m too tired.”

I’m talking about one or two big excuses. 

What are they? 

They’re the unconscious stories your mind tells you every day. The unconscious stories, limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from living the good life. 

They’re the “invisible script” running in your head day in and day out… the invisible influences that you probably don’t even realize sabotage your inspiration, your energy, and your creativity. 

These are the excuses I’m talking about:

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I’m stuck.”

“Who am I to be doing this?”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t know what to do first or next.” 

“I don’t know how to get clients.” 

“I’m overwhelmed and lost”

“I don’t have what it takes to do what SHE did… or what HE did.”

“That’s just not me.” 

(Enter any other self-limiting or self-defeating sentence you say here).

These are the types of excuses that keep you FROZEN. 

But there’s another type of excuse I’ve been encountering as I talk to people that’s even worse. 

It’s the excuse of comfort.  The “justifying” excuse.

You see, every excuse we make has “justifying phrase” behind it, if we dig deep enough.  

If you say, “I don’t have enough money,” ask yourself, “Why don’t you have enough money?” and notice the answer you give.  

You might hear, “Well I don’t have four year degree. My parents were poor. I didn’t have opportunities because of where I’m from.”

That’s a “justification excuse.” 

Then there’s the “comfort excuse:”

“I don’t NEED more money. I’m content with where I am. I don’t NEED to be surrounded with like-minded community. Things are good enough. I don’t NEED to do everything I want in my life. I make more than most of my friends.” 

Yes, there are times when you truly do have enough of something… there are times when you can be fully content with what you have.

But if you want to truly GROW in your life, you need to be able to differentiate when the STORY is the TRUTH…and when it’s just an excuse to stay in your comfort zone. 

Those phrases above?  They’re justifying phrases, and they’re simply not true.


How do you think you benefit, or what do you gain, from staying stuck in these (untrue) limiting belief patterns?   (Yes, there’s actually something you gain by letting your limiting beliefs run you!)

Have you ever been successful at ANYTHING at all?  Was your subconscious or limiting belief right or wrong about those successes?  (See? Then your beliefs can’t be 100% true).

Has EVERYTHING your monkey mind or limiting beliefs said to you determined your success, your life, and your results?  (If not, then you/your mind will see that this CAN’T be true since you’ve succeeded at things and this belief doesn’t actually have the power to stop you from succeeding more).

If you hold yourself back from your full potential, then you steal your gift away from the world… and from those who can benefit from your gifts! 

The truth is YOU create your reality.

YOU decide what your life is like.

Your “blocks” are a choice.

YOU are exactly where you are because that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. That’s how life works. 

So it’s up to YOU to make the DECISIONS and take the ACTIONS you need to take to get where you want to go. 

You can’t take action without making a decision. So DECIDE where you want to be. Then take ACTION relentlessly until you get there.

Decide, right now, that you’re not going to get taken down by defeating beliefs. Decide right NOW that you’re not going to listen to the lies and stories your brain is telling you anymore. 

Now… I’m not picking on anyone here. 

Maybe you’ve figured it out and don’t make any excuses.

But if you’re like most people, then you probably DO make some excuses that you could let go of.

And I just don’t want those false stories, those excuses, to hold you back from what you want in your life. 


If you’ve already started the process to leave your job and finally leave the rat-race of working for others… 

Or you’re already an entrepreneur with your own business, but you feel stuck and you struggle with the ups and downs of cashflow… 

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  • You’ll create effective marketing systems to get your offer in front of people who are ready to say YES
  • You’ll learn a simple, non-slimy, PROVEN sales process to convert those people into high-paying clients… so you can create consistent income. 
  • And MUCH more!

So, if you want FREEDOM… you need to DECIDE and ACT right now to create that freedom and a business that supports the lifestyle you want. 

The first step?

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If you feel ready to create a business that truly supports you, you can set up a call to learn more about my 12-Month Group Mastermind Business Coaching Program or 1-1 Private Business Coaching.  I’ll help you identify exactly what’s holding you back from from the freedom you want… and create a personalized ACTION plan to create it. 

And remember, you can’t take action without making a decision FIRST. 

It’s up to YOU to decide you’ve had enough of your excuses. 

Beth Weinstein