The 2019 True Path Entrepreneur Group Coaching Mastermind Program has ended last month… and there’s been soooo much beautiful transformation in the program.I’ll admit, no one’s making millions in their new business yet.  But it doesn’t matter.  I never claim to be the coach that helps people make millions. That’s not why my clients come to work with me.
What HAS happened is I’ve had a lot of people fall into deep alignment with their heart, their purpose…their soul’s calling.
And that alignment has gotten them more clients  The people who hadn’t yet before gotten a client got at least one. Some got a few, and some got high-end clients. I’m so happy they have clients…you have to have clients to run a successful business.
But that’s not really what really inspired me.
What’s inspiring me is that everyone in the 2019 Group Mastermind Program got more clarity on WHAT they want, WHO they want to serve, and HOW to actually go do it.  (And then they did it!)
For example, one of my clients is a functional medicine practitioner, with specialized training to help heal various disorders. Within the first few months of the program, she got a high-end dream client.  And right after she got her dream client, she realized she wanted to do more of her functional medicine work.
In her “traditional” job, she’s a pediatrician.  She doesn’t really want to quit her pediatrician job, though.  She likes it, even though she feels misaligned and limited by conventional medicine.
Right now, her values align more with functional medicine than conventional.  She knows she has the capacity to help more people and create more impact outside of traditional medicine. She’s gotten so much clarity, inspiration and confidence in her new business, I can’t wait to see where her functional medicine business takes her!
Another one of my clients just came back from Guatemala where she worked with cacao Shamans.  She’s now including cacao ceremonies, sound healing and limpia’s in her traditional body work, and her clients are loooving it.  She’s also started women’s empowerment coaching, and created a “Mystery School”. As a result, she’s getting more inquiries and more people asking to work with her.
THAT’s alignment in action.
Another client just came back from a 10-day Vipassana meditation.  She’s a health coach, energy healer and psychedelics integration coach… and she recently went part-time at her “real” job.  Somehow she was able to convince her company to let her cut her hours so she could work more on her coaching business.
But she’s also a great musician, sound and bio-energy healer.  The problem was, she wrote her music and sound healing off as a viable business. She said, “I could never make money doing MUSIC.” During the Intensive, she started to get paid gigs playing her music!  We never talked about it in earnest.  But somehow she wound up doing the exact thing she thought she could never do:
Get paid for doing what she truly loves. 
– Another woman convinced her job to let her work from home.
– Another brought her “woo” astrology, tarot, and energy work into her regular job.
– And a bunch of clients have been doing talks, workshops, webinars, podcasts, and conferences.
(in their words…)
The “unconventional” results my clients are getting
The “unconventional” results my clients are getting The “unconventional” results my clients are getting

What do all my clients have in common?

They’ve all left my 2019 Group Coaching Mastermind Program with a complete life shift.  And to me, their shifts are more valuable than an extra thousands of dollars a year.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE money and I do believe everybody needs to make it.  In fact, all my clients have made great money during the Mastermind Program…

But I’ve seen them get so much more than that. I’ve seen them get:

  • More TIME!
  • More freedom to go on vacation, retreats and travel
  • Deeper alignment with their true purpose
  • Happier to get out of bed in the morning and get to work
  • Feeling intense satisfaction with the transformation they are helping their own clients create.
  • Falling in love with a new partner. 
  • Friends and family seeing brand-new versions of my clients. Their friends say it’s like “noticing them for the first time.”
  • Better sex lives! (yes)
  • People in their social circles are listening more intently to their message because they are sharing something they’re passionate about.

And the list goes on…

Sure, clients and more money are important.  But it’s the INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION that matters.

At the root, I’m inspired to help all of them create the life they truly want… the life that’ll make them *happy*.

So if you have a business (or you WANT a business) and you want more time… more freedom… and you want a life that makes you happy, purposeful and fulfilled… Then let’s talk. Apply for your Free 45-minute Business Breakthrough Call with me. Click the button below. On the call, I’ll help you identify exactly what you want from your business… and then lay out a step-by-step strategy to make it happen. 

My 2020 Group Coaching Mastermind Program starts soon. What do YOU want to bring into alignment in 2020?

P.S.    If you haven’t started (or you’re just starting out) it can be hard to envision having a thriving and successful business. But let me tell you something:  You don’t have to be a “slave” to the system and stay at a job you hate just to pay the bills. 

You CAN travel where and when you want while running a business.  You CAN work from home if you want (or need) to. And you CAN create a business that fills you with purpose.

When you commit to identifying exactly what you want out of life, you’ll automatically come into deeper alignment with your higher purpose. 

When you’re in deep alignment with your higher purpose, abundance will flow freely into your life… And the Universe will shower you with business and other opportunities you may have never thought possible.