The Unexpected benefits of Entrepreneurship (Great sex! Love! And more!)

The Unexpected benefits of Entrepreneurship (Great sex! Love! And more!)

As you know, I’m a BUSINESS Coach helping you grow your own business so you can finally quit the rat-race and make money doing work you love from anywhere on earth…

Working with me, you will grow your business, it is true.

But there are MANY other unexpected “side benefits” that happen when you start aligning with your heart and your desires…

Remember my Group Coaching Program that started about 6 weeks ago?

A client had been struggling staying stuck in a misaligned job, while wanting to follow her heart and do work she truly loved, and was also having challenges calling love into her life…

A few weeks ago, she had quit her job right before she left for a 2 week vacation, and decided to go “all-in” to grow her life coaching and twin-flame coaching business.

She got on a plane, went away, and VOILA – check out what happened:

The Unexpected benefits of Entrepreneurship

(I did not suggest she quit her job, btw!)

She just followed her heart, intuition and desire to align her soul with her purpose, took a leap, trusted and surrendered.

She’s living more in alignment than she was, which is why this soulmate showed up. She leaped and the net appeared.  (Next she will blow up her business huge!)

THEN, less a week later, another woman in the group sent me this message:

The Unexpected benefits of Entrepreneurship Message

This client works full-time for someone else. She doesn’t hate her job, but she wanted more FREEDOM.

Freedom to work when, how and where she wanted… Freedom to quit her 90-minute commute…  Freedom to put more energy into growing her life coaching and healing business. (She already has regular clients – and she started only a few months ago!)

She stepped into her personal power (side benefit #1), voiced her desires (side benefit #2) to her boss who had never supported working from home in the many years she’s been there and voila — she now gets to work from home – FREEDOM (side benefit #3)!

I can’t even begin to tell you all the “unexpected benefits” *I* have gotten from leaving work that was eating away at my soul to do what my heart was really calling me to do…

I have FUN doing my work, I am immensely fulfilled by what I do, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m in a relationship with my dream partner who treats me like a queen, I live where I really want where I own my dream home, I am a power manifestor calling in whatever I want, I travel multiple times a year working (or not working) wherever I want, I go for hikes or to yoga whenever I want, I take ~ 4-6 weeks off a year, and soooo many more benefits!

Here’s the truth:  your “work” is not just about making money. It’s about how you want to live YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

Do you want to be 100% fulfilled ALL the time? Or only 47% of the time? Or only on weekends?

Do you want freedom only 2-3 weeks a year, or do you want it whenever you want?

Do you want LOVE and TRAVEL and FUN and to be a MANIFESTING machine?

If so, you have to get into alignment and be guided by your heart, not your fear-based head. Give it a try, experiment for a few months, see where your heart guides you.