Transmuting Your Fears in Your Spiritual Business: Mission Over Ego

How do you feel about speaking in public?  Does it freak you out thinking about getting up in front of a crowd?  

I feel you…you’re obviously not alone!

As a teen, I had a class that taught “public speaking skills” and had to do presentations in front of the class. I was engulfed by anxiety…couldn’t breathe, sweated, stuttered. I was so freaked out that I totally bombed each time.

After that, I vowed to NEVER do any public speaking again! 

I somehow made it through college, and a few years into my career, without having to speak in front of large groups.

I never imagined I’d ever be able to speak in front of an audience. Especially speaking from my heart, sharing my stories of failures (and successes), being painfully vulnerable, and sharing my deep passion… 

A few years ago I had an opportunity to do my first talk. 

I was totally scared of doing it, but kept thinking about the people who’d be in the audience. I knew so many people out there were suffering doing work they hated, sitting stagnant on their dreams… just like I once did for over 8 years!

I did NOT want people to suffer any longer!!

My mission and all I teach in my spiritual coaching programs (aka my “Why”) are just too important not to share with more people.  

And so now I live by the motto: “Mission Over Ego”.  

This is the true sense of serving others. This is what it really means to have a spiritual coaching or healing business.

And I generally say “yes” to scary opportunities, because I know the MAGIC is always on the other side of fear.  

So I said “yes”. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t even plan the talk. I just went up there, shared from the heart, told stories and “winged it”. 

I swear there were only 10 people listening, but over the next few days, I had so many people telling me how great my talk was… people reached out to me on Facebook, strangers came up to me telling me how much it affected them, and had would meet people months later who told me how great it was. 

I even got a few clients from that talk — people who were moved and knew they were ready to get support. 

** How did I get clients when I didn’t even know what I was doing?!? **  

Heart. Connection. Doing sh*t that scares you.

There’s a lot more after that — planning, strategies, accountability, executing, followup, visibility, etc, etc. 

But that’s the foundation for all you want in your spiritual business. 

And life. 

The rest is all about knowing what to do, how, and when — following a step-by-step plan that you too can learn to grow your business!

Join me and you will learn super easy actions you can take to make money with your purpose and create freedom in your life — even if you haven’t started or don’t know what it is you want to do!!

 – Beth Weinstein