What to do if you have a business idea but you “don’t know how to start”

What to do if you have a business idea but you “don’t know how to start”

I hear something like this all the time:

“I have an idea, but I just don’t know how to start!  How do I start?!” I had the same thoughts when I was starting my running apparel business. But here’s what I did to get started. 

(If you think it doesn’t apply to you because you want to do coaching, you’re dead wrong… coaching, clothing, healing, or pet food, the process to grow a successful business is the same!)

First, I created a Google survey. I sent it to every male runner I knew. I asked them so many dumb questions like, “Do you run in long sleeves or short sleeves?” Basically, I just did a lot of market research (sometimes boring, but necessary). I knew I needed to know WHO I wanted to serve. I wanted to serve 29-year-olds… but I wasn’t 29 anymore…  so I needed to talk to 29-year-olds.

I put my survey on Facebook… on Reddit… basically anywhere I could think of. I did market research on the name, the brand, and just asked as many questions as I could. It was funny because I knew I just tested a theory before I put any money into it… and I basically just “faked it ’til I made it”.

You know what the second thing was that I did? I sold a product BEFORE I made the product!

This is where most people screw up their new business!!  They try to create a product or program and THEN sell it.  Uh-uh… nope. Bad move. 

If you want a coaching or freedom-based business, DON’T worry about WHAT you’re coaching on or helping people with … it actually doesn’t matter! Just go talk about stuff you’re interested in and see who else is interested!

People get so hung up on “having the right program” or “I need more clarity”.  They want to “get it perfect.” You know what happens if you get stuck making your product or service “perfect”?


No sales. No income. No money in the bank.

Sell it FIRST and THEN create your program. It’s so much easier, and effective, that way.

(Uh, how do you know what your clients really need most until you actually have them as clients?)

This makes me think of this guy I did a call with the other day. He’s in a corporate job he hates, and wants to start coaching, but is totally stuck on, “I need to figure out my BRAND and get it right!  I need clarity around my STRATEGY first!” All I could say was, “Look, if you keep waiting and working to get your brand and strategy ‘perfect’, in a year you’re going to reach out to me again and you’re going to have nothing and no clients… and the same job… and you’ll be 49 instead of 48!”

He had said how staying in his soul-sucking job is also affecting his marriage, and family life. Sigh. To myself I thought the sad thing was he was probably putting his marriage on the line by staying in that job… his life just sucked… and my guess is his sex life is non-existent as well because he isn’t fulfilled in his life…

I wanted to scream at him, “And you’re stuck on your brand!?!?” “You’re just going to lose your job because of random layoffs… and THEN you’ll probably be ready for coaching. AFTER you get laid off.” My old mentor, my friend Tom, was friends with the founders of the multi-million-dollar clothing brand, Bonobos. Tom was tough on me when I was building my last business… I learned a lot very quickly from him.

One of the first things he taught me? Don’t trademark stuff. Don’t make 50 different products. Don’t work on your brand. He just said, “Pick a vein and go deep”. Just like Bonobos – they started with ONE version of a “men’s pant” and blew it up. To over $100 Million. In my old clothing business I had over 40 different styles and you know what?

Only 2 styles sold consistently.  All I needed was 2…not 40. It’s the same thing with a coaching or healing business… just pick ONE THING and GO DEEP. Once you find your thing, do market research. Once you’ve done your research, sell that thing. 

THEN build it out and make it perfect.

(You can change it anytime… doesn’t mean you have to do that same thing forever! It does mean start now with one thing.)

Now, you can try to start and grow your business on your own… 

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