Why You (Women!) Need to Attend a Spiritual Retreat

No Goddess Left Behind — started four years ago by Jani Moon, visionary and founder of Growing Heart Priestess School.

I just got back from co-organizing and participating in the 4th annual “No Goddess Left Behind” transformational weekend… I’m still vibing super high from it and I wanted to share about it.

My 💖 exploded open from spending the weekend with 200 incredible women…connecting, laughing, singing, crying, dancing, eating and shopping at our sisterpreneur marketplace.

Retreats create a safe space allowing you to be YOU… to unleash your truest expression… to be free, accepted, creative, nourished and just be the beautiful human that you are!

Retreats like this are becoming more and more important to the well-being and happiness of women. As women in today’s modern world, we take on so much, we give and give, and rarely give back to ourselves…

How often do you take time out just for yourself and your spirit?

Women especially need to time to slow down for their soul, self-care, to refuel their creative energy and nourish their spirit. 

And women who do take time to nurture their soul know the benefits of coming back recharged and ready to take on the world!

No Goddess Left Behind — started four years ago by founder and visionary Jani Moon, who helps run Growing Heart Farm  Women flew across the country and drove 30 hours to attend our retreat…

Women of ALL ages came, 4 months to 75 years…

Social Impact & Community Organizing (women will change the planet!) Photo by Dina Divine

Yes, non-profit. A huge amount of generosity was given solely to hold space for the deeply transformational experiences so many women have at retreats!!

Women of all backgrounds, shapes, colors, sizes, beliefs and orientations came together to experience connection, creativity, healing, spirit and sisterhood! And all of us organizing it put so much time, energy and love to create the non-profit weekend because we know how powerful and deeply needed retreats like this are!

The highlight this year? Artsit Amy Senn built us a GIANT GODDESS for her #goddessesacrosstheglobe project!! It took her over seven days, with a team of helpers…it stands over 10′ tall! (More info about this beautiful Goddess sculpture here).

Do YOU dream of ‘getting away’ but life always seems to get in the way? Do you want to nurture your body, mind and spirit? Do you want to tap into your creative soul?

You can attend one of the most popular online women’s retreats right from the comfort of your own home — and it’s FREE. I’m going to the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat and I’d love you to join me! Over 60,000 women have joined.

Ready for a sacred experience where you’ll be doing Art + Journaling + Dance + Yoga + Mini Workshop Sessions led by world-renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world

If you’re feeling called to step up into your purpose, to tap into your creative fire and listen to spirit, join me!

-Beth A. Weinstein, spiritual business coach