You Are The Medicine:
Free 3-Part Business Training

Get Clarity and Overcome Blocks & Imposter Syndrome So You Can Finally Start Sharing Your Unique Medicine!

Session 1, Clarity: Tues Oct 3rd @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Session 2, Connection: Thur Oct 5th @ 4pm ET / 1pm PT
Session 3, Communication:
Sat Oct 7th @ 12pm ET / 9am PT

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Session by Session, This is What You’ll Learn…

Session 1: Clarity

  • Discover how to get clarity and know what your business looks like
  • Learn how to bring together ALL your different modalities and passions into one clear offering
  • Follow a simple process to align with your purpose, your heart, and Your True Path
  • Learn the very first steps to make your vision a reality WITHOUT complicated technology, a website, or spending tons of money
  • Discover how to connect with your inner clarity to move forward despite feeling "imposter syndrome"

Session 2: Connection

  • Discover how to connect with your heart, soul and inner authority and finally feel you’re qualified to help the people you want to… (Hint: you don’t need a certification or more training)
  • You'll learn the easiest and best ways to connect with potential clients
  • Learn a simple step-by-step process to put together a clear offer that allows you to feel confident in what you're bringing to the world
  • Learn simple "hacks" to get past your blocks, get unstuck, and finally stop procrastinating!

Session 3: Communication

  • Learn how to clearly talk about your business to attract "soulmate" people you want to help most
  • Discover a mix of both the practical business know-how (masculine) along with the “woo woo” spiritually-based support (feminine) that you need for a successful, sustainable, soul-centered business.
  • Get clear on how to effectively communicate to people who have no idea what you do (so they understand what you do!)
  • Gain confidence to own an authentic business that's true to your values and what means most to you

Client Testimonials

Beth Weinstein Group Mastermind Program Testimonial
Beth Weinstein Group Mastermind Program Testimonial

If you want fulfillment and freedom doing what your Heart and Soul is calling you to do, it's time to learn how.

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Would you like a successful, soulful, transformational psychedelic or spiritual business...?

A business that supports your own spiritual path, expedites your personal development, helps people, gives you money and tons of free time to enjoy life, travel, go on retreats, take classes, and more?

It is possible.

I've done it. My clients have done it. And so can YOU! I'll share my tips and do interactive exercises that will help you start or grow your business in this FUN, free event.

Beth Weinstein - spiritual business coach

You Are The Medicine:

Free 3-Part Business Training


Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7pm ET
Thursday, October 5th @ 4pm ET
Saturday, October 7th @ 12pm ET

(Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. Just by registering, you’ll get the recording so you can catch anything you missed!)