Alison Sinatra: The Path of Spiritual Sovereignty

Alison Sinatra: The Path of Spiritual Sovereignty:                                          Episode 59, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Alison Sinatra is a creation of Creator. She has been teaching yoga and facilitating healing retreats and rituals for over 20 years. Her spiritual studies come from both South and North American plant medicine traditions. She loves working within the realms of deep sorrow and uncontrollable laughter.

In this episode, Alison Sinatra and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • The story of Alison’s first encounter with psychedelics and how it completely changed her life
  • Living as a truly integrated human being
  • Alison’s passion for creating spaces where people feel welcome
  • The importance of finding places where you feel safe enough to fully feel your emotions
  • Finding your true sovereign nature and understanding your “Yes” and “No”
  • The prevalence of dissociation from the body in our culture, including among people working with psychedelics
  • The wound of separation that lies the root of anxiety and depression
  • Remembering that you are a child of the earth and cultivating your relationship with her
  • The power of prayer
  • Alison’s perspective that psychedelic medicine makes contact with you when you are ready
  • Letting go of a victim mentality and embracing 100% accountability for your mind, body and spirit
  • How the universal web of connection is best strengthened by each individual taking care of themselves in a respectful way
  • Going “local” with our contribution to the healing of the world – touching the people that you’re with and allowing that love to ripple out
  • Self-awareness and a willingness to transform old stories and energies you are unconsciously operating from as keys to building resilience

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