Antonia Talayeh and Roger Ingraham: Psychedelics & Somatics for Thriving Relationships

Antonia Talayeh Vanoro and Roger Ingraham Vanoro: Psychedelics & Somatics for Thriving Relationships, Episode 76, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Antonia Talayeh / Antonia Vanoro is an intuitive energy healer and guide. She walks through your worlds with you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts, holding you with love, compassion, grace and skill in becoming realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart’s intuition, and guiding you towards embodying your innate essence. Antonia has been practicing, and facilitating deep meditation journeys for 22 years, using various modalities, learn more at:

She leads a yearlong immersive training, to support therapists, clinicians, practitioners, healers, bodyworkers, leaders, change agents, guides, facilitators, and consciousness-raising evolutionaries. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in an apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders, and teachers. Her practice embodies the integral evolutionary bridge of modern western depth psychology medicine with the eastern alchemical integration methods of the ancients.

Roger Ingraham is a somatic therapist, awakening + embodiment guide, and facilitator of transformational journeys. 17 years ago, inspired by an awakening, he committed himself to a lifelong path of rubber-meets-the-road growth and sharing it with others along the way. Roger has been practicing + facilitating deep journeys and gatherings for over a decade, using various modalities. 

In his session-work, the transformative power is in the catalyzing field of co-regulated presence. You can start with anything in your life that is alive for you right now. Together, he navigates with you in a safe, deep, and compassionate process towards naturally emergent discoveries that pivotally change one’s inner-outer experience. In this therapeutic presence-based process, new choices, new ways of self-referencing and communicating, and new relationship dynamics with self and others become available. More at

In this episode, Antonia Talayeh + Roger Ingraham and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • How our wounding happens in a relationship and is, therefore, best healed in a relationship
  • How survival strategies play into relationship dynamics
  • Understanding your patterned beliefs about how your needs should be met and how you project those onto your partner
  • The growth-centered mindset of each individual as the foundation for thriving in a relationship
  • Our emotionally illiterate society and how this contributes to the high divorce rate
  • Working with deeper layers of unconscious behavior with the assistance of MDMA
  • How Antonia and Roger help couples who find themselves caught in repeating patterns of dysfunction
  • The challenge in couple’s therapy when one person is more interested in personal growth than the other
  • Finding ways to navigate conflict in a relationship so that it reinforces intimacy and deepens trust
  • Bringing psychedelic medicine into a couple’s work
  • Power and safety in relationships in the context of  individuation
  • Detailed info about Antonia and Robert’s month-long couples experiential workshop: Foundations of Thriving: Deepening Intimacy | Harmonizing Connection + Power

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