Beth Weinstein: What is a Psychedelic Entrepreneur?

Beth Weinstein on What is a Psychedelic Entrepreneur?: Episode 05, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

The psychedelic renaissance is HERE, and opportunities for psychedelic entrepreneurship are expanding exponentially. Whether you are a therapist, coach, healer, breathwork instructor, meditation teacher, embodiment specialist, spiritual teacher… or working in any one of countless other modalities that are needed in the psychedelic healing realm, now is an incredibly potent time to Share Your Unique Medicine as a psychedelic entrepreneur.

In today’s solo episode, Beth shares about her own journey coming into alignment with her true purpose, and addresses some of the top questions she receives about becoming a successful ‘pioneer’ in today’s psychedelic space.

Common questions about psychedelic entrepreneurship answered…

What are some of the areas in which coaches, therapists, healers and other transformational support specialists can help their clients by integrating psychedelics into their practices? Below is a small sampling

  • Health and wellness
  • Depression and Grief
  • Finding Purpose and Meaning
  • Healing trauma
  • Death, dying and end-of-life anxiety
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Eating disorders
  • Personal Growth and Expansion
  • Embodiment
  • Sexual trauma
  • Weight loss
  • Drug, alcohol and other forms of addiction
  • Addiction recovery
  • PTSD and healing trauma

Do I need a certificate/certification to bring psychedelics or plant medicines into my coaching business?

  • Although formal training to become a psychedelic integration coach, or another kind of psychedelic coach can be valuable, it’s not just about getting a certificate per se. The most important thing is that you’re constantly learning and growing.
  • We’re all climbing a mountain and are at different points along the journey – the people that are behind
    you are the people you’re able to help
  • Your own daily practices and spiritual transformation grow your capacity to give and serve
  • Don’t fall into the loop of getting endless certifications without actually stepping into service – you are already certified as the best YOU right now exactly as you are — and the world needs your help and Your Unique Medicine NOW!

What other training do you need to become a psychedelic entrepreneur?

  • Learn how to start and grow your coaching, healing, transformational or psychedelic business
  • Feel into what is it that YOU want to learn and follow that towards your ultimate niche
  • Ask yourself what your ideal clients want and need from you
  • Feel into what lights you up the most
  • The impact of your own transformational path eventually brings you to a point where you want to be of
    service and give back – what have you gone through that can help you help others?

Is it legal to be a psychedelic entrepreneur?

I want to give my clients psychedelics. How do I do this?

  • Again, if you want to serve psychedelic medicines in the context of a clinic, retreat, private practice, etc., the biggest issues currently are legality
  • You have to feel into your body to know what is right to you – are you willing to take the risk??
  • Consider establishing your work in a place where psychedelics and plant medicines you want to work with are legal – or bring your clients to those places for retreats, etc.

Why is it worth facing and overcoming doubts and fears about psychedelic entrepreneurship?

  • Entrepreneurs tend to have to take risks – it’s the very nature of entrepreneurship
  • You are here to help usher in a whole new realm of healing
  • Own what you’re here to do!

What has Beth’s own path of psychedelic entrepreneurship been?

  • When she began to truly integrate her own healing, her business started shifting
  • She realized that because psychedelics were such a huge part of her life, an aspect of her was hidden
    when she wasn’t yet out of the closet
  • At a certain point she had a vision that she was here to help medicine people – this made her nervous,
    but she new her mission was more important than listening to her fear-based ego
  • She knew if people were working with psychedelics and doing work that they didn’t love, psychedelics
    would wake them up and they would have to make a change.  Which is why she created the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, and Business summit and the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines and Purpose conference
  • Pay attention to your higher self, which is calling you to Your True Path – mission over ego
  • If you are in alignment, golden nuggets will be dropped onto your path and you will be led to divine

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