Beth Weinstein: Dissolving Money Blocks with (and without) Psychedelics

Dissolving Money Blocks with (and without) Psychedelics: Beth Weinstein: Episode 49, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Money! Money! Money! Can we really make enough to be fully supported while doing work that we love? For most of us, the programming around money runs very deep. Tune in to learn more about this taboo topic of healing and money.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein talks about…

  • The relationship to money tends to be deep (ancestral, collective programming)
  • The transmutation the stories and limiting beliefs around money; clearing and healing money blocks 
  • Is it a money block or really just false programming?
  • Beth’s (half) Jewish ancestry and the scarcity mentality she was raised with (which is NOT unique to her said ancestry)
  • Looking back into our family line and asking yourself, “How was I raised in terms of money?”
  • Beth’s first experience asking an investor for money 
  • Learning to engage the observer mind and witnessing yourself and your patterns around money
  • Beginning to explore the energetics of money
  • Exploring “receiving “ for the first time in an ayahuasca ceremony – and experiencing directly that it’s our birthright is to be have whatever you want, including money. The book called the Power of Receiving.
  • We don’t have to live with any blocks … you can process and work through them
  • During her first ayahuasca ceremony she saw the illusion of our reality including the illusion of money
  • Money is actually just a concept that we agree on – but what it’s real about it?
  • You have to do the work around your money mindset
  • Seeing that money doesn’t come from hard work … and then next step is doing what she was called to do without worry about the money. (If money came from hard work wouldn’t prime working at McDonalds make a million dollars?)
  • Doing a “surrender experiment” – what if she did what she wanted and see what happens? Put aside the attachment to money and operated from a deeper connection herself and guess what? She started making more money
  • Gratitude and tuning into what you DO have
  • Looking to nature as our “abundance teacher”
  • You are here at this time for a reason and when you start allowing the divine Usually we make the change when we are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”
  • Your blocks are in your control – you need to see things and live differently – you need to shift your mindset
  • Learn to love money, treat it with respect and see it as you being empowered towards what you want to be contributing – it’s just another energy – see it as you being empowered the change you want to be creating – we can change the world
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