Beth Weinstein: How I Microdose Psilocybin

Beth Weinstein: How I Microdose Psilocybin, Episode 70, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

There’s been a huge buzz around microdosing not only for depression and anxiety, but as a productivity and optimization tool for entrepreneurs, creatives, coders and biohackers.
But can you go deeper than just “using” Sacred Niños psilocybin 🍄 to “achieve”, “do” more, have more “success” and come into a communication with the plant spirits and a partnership that will help you align to your highest vision of service?
I get asked about microdosing a lot…
Yes, I DO microdose.
But not in the way you may think. I do not follow the James Fadiman “Fadiman microdosing protocol”,  nor the Paul Stamets “Stamets Stack” for microdosing (which he covers in our interview here on my YouTube channel 🧙‍♂️).
Tune in as I share the what, why and how of my own microdosing approach, and the depth of my relationship to the sacred psilocybin medicine I partner with, which helps me to embody my highest potential for presence, connection and creativity in my work.
Hear about…
  • Your connection to the spirit of the sacred plant medicine
  • How to directly ask the being your are microdosing for guidance and support
  • How the enhanced clarity, connection, and presence microdosing can help your entrepreneurial path
  • Offering specific prayers when microdosing such as, “Guide me towards a new solution” or “Help me to serve better”
  • Deepen your connection so you need less actual medicine
  • Microdosing as much more than optimizing brain function, but rather about partnering with sacred medicines to help create positive change on the planet
  • Why I work with psilocybin for microdosing, and not LSD or “acid”
  • Drilling down to discover your deepest calling so that you are not just microdosing to be more productive, but to align more deeply with your purpose
  • Opening to receive support from the medicine so that you can offer more powerful support to others
  • How the most important thing when microdosing is your connection to the spirit of the medicine

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