Ifetayo Harvey: Drug Policy & The People of Color Psychedelic Collective

Ifetayo Harvey: Drug Policy & The People of Color Pyschedelic Collective: Episode 48, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Ifetayo Harvey is the founder and board president of the People of Color Psychedelic Collective and is an outspoken advocate and writer in the drug policy reform space. She built a platform for folks of color to learn about and create community around psychedelics. She’s also Social Media Manager at Caring Across Generations. Prior to joining Caring Across Generations, Ifetayo worked at the Drug Policy Alliance for five years because of her passion for ending the war on drugs. Ifetayo comes from a family of seven children raised by her mother in Charleston, South Carolina and has a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College in history and African studies.

In this episode, Ifetayo Harvey and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Ifetayo’s father’s incarceration when she was a child and how this ultimately let her to be an advocate for drug policy reform
  • How Ifetayo’s first psychedelic experience helped her see why life is worth living
  • Issues of race and inclusivity in the psychedelic arena that motivated Ifetayo to create the People of Color Psychedelic Collective 
  • The increased hunger to learn about and explore psychedelics in communities of color since the pandemic began 
  • How the current systems in the US do not even guarantee basic healthcare, so how can we expect psychedelic therapy to be accessible to those with less resources?
  • The fact that accessibility is not only an issue for psychedelic therapy, but also for therapy training
  • The growing demand for underground psychedelic therapy and how this relates to issues of safety and accountability
  • The need to validate other forms of psychedelic training, particularly indigenous ways of healing and holding space
  • Shifting the ethical paradigm from being held accountable to holding yourself accountable – owning your mistakes when you make them
  • Respecting mind-altering substances and not overusing them
  • Taking the gems from your psychedelic journeys and patiently and compassionately integrating them into your daily life

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