Stephanie Bellinger: Abundance, Medicine & Quantum Leaps

Abundance, Medicine & Quantum Leaps with Stephanie Bellinger, Episode 81, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Stephanie Bellinger is a Spiritual Mentor & Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP & the creator of Spiritual Boss Babe — one of the largest online communities and podcasts, serving tens of thousands of spiritual entrepreneurial women around the world.

Stephanie works with visionary leaders, healers, coaches and impact makers, helping them Quantum Leap their impact and income, and create a life and business that sets their soul on fire. Her mission is to help heart-centered women activate & embody their highest expression of self & fully own their gifts— so they can be, do & have it all.

In this episode, Stephanie Bellinger and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Stephanie’s yearning for more purpose and connection and the spiritual awakening that catalyzed her entrepreneurial journey
  • The impact working with plan medicines had on Stephanie’s early entrepreneurship
  • Being a “multi-passionate person”
  • Quantum manifestation and how we can manipulate our reality through our consciousness
  • Stephanie’s Star Power Program which supports people in embodying their most confident, activated self
  • How Stephanie’s work has gradually shifted away from mindset work into the energetic realm
  • Not getting stuck on healing “blocks” and “beliefs” when simply seeing from a different perspective can be even more transformative
  • How the shift happening on the planet right now requires heart-centered leadership
  • Understanding your human design so that you can make the best decisions about where and how to channel your energy 
  • Letting your darker moments guide you
  • Finding your flow and feeling expansive vs. restrictive
  • Making it your goal to become the master of your own energy and emotions
  • Being able to work with strong emotions without attaching to a story
  • Staying in an abundance mindset during challenging times
  • The importance of being aware of your inner dialogue about money
  • Quantum leaps and what makes them possible

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