The Art of Integrating Psychedelics & Plant Medicine with Ali Maya

Ali Maya: The Art of Integrating Psychedelics & Plant Medicine, Episode 103, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Ali Maya has been a student and teacher of world mysticism traditions and indigenous shamanism for over 25 years. She integrates her academic training in Buddhist Studies, Comparative Mysticism, and Clinical Psychology with all she has learned from indigenous healers of North and South America.

She guides retreats, teaches programs, and creates music, all guided by the prayer for the alleviation of human suffering and the opening of the human heart, in service to creating a healthier, happier world for all.

In this episode, Ali Maya and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Ali’s early approach to spirituality, which was focused on meditation, yoga, breathwork, and cleansing
  • Attending New College in Florida, a progressive school where Ali discovered psychedelics and studied comparative mysticism
  • Receiving messages from mushrooms in her meditations that they are very highly conscious, awakened beings and ultimately beginning to work with them
  • Ceremony – with or without plant medicines – empowers our relationship to the sacred, reconnect us to Earth, and helps awaken consciousness out of fear into love, creativity, compassion, and harmony.
  • Ali’s current work as a psychologist, integration specialist, and group leader for people traveling to South America to do ceremonial medicine work
  • The necessity of working with a professionally trained and vetted support person who screens you properly for physical and psychological health in preparation for medicine work
  •  How doing preparation work can mean the difference between a fruitful or hellish psychedelic experience
  • The radical efficiency of healing work with plant medicines when held with love, wisdom, and integrity
  • The need for healers to do their own inner work – we can only share as much as we’ve embodied
  • The dangers of romanticizing a facilitator just because they are indigenous. There are many factors to consider, realities, and dangers, with all kinds of plant medicine facilitators including indigenous medicine carriers.
  • Sacred reciprocity – building mutually supportive friendships and alliances so that we are lifting each other up
  • How to make the power of prayer truly alive, with or without psychedelic medicines.
  • The tragedy that the world has many spiritual growth tools – such as plant medicines – but lacks the will to change

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