Tom Feegel: Ibogaine Insights & Healing with Beond’s Tom Feegel

Tom Feegel: Ibogaine Insights & Healing with Beond’s Tom Feegel, Episode 77, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Experienced entrepreneur, founder and executive of numerous successful venture backed startup companies, Tom Feegel is CEO of Beond — the world’s premier network of medically based Ibogaine treatment facilities for addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Beond’s mission is help people end chemical dependency and to end the addiction and suicide epidemic with psychotherapeutic treatment and Psychedelic plant medicine innovation.

In this episode, Tom Feegel and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • How Tom’s mission to create an ibogaine treatment center was sparked by a close family member’s ibogaine-assisted addiction recovery
  • Addressing trauma as the root cause of addiction
  • New models of psycho-emotional, physical and spiritual safety for “whole person” treatment
  • The meaning of “acute aftercare”
  • Whether it is necessary to heave repeated treatments to heal with ibogaine
  • Self-motivated healing
  • How patients can use the tools developed in the treatment process to respond to life’s stressors in new ways
  • “Addition by subtraction”: how avoiding environments and behaviors that are not serving them can help a patient’s integration process be more fruitful
  • How transformational healing connects to awakening a sense of purpose
  • Payment models for maximum accessibility for those in most urgent need of ibogaine treatment
  • Beond’s plans for expansion
  • The legal status of ibogaine in the United States vs. Mexico

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