You’re Always Integrating Something with Daniel Shankin

Daniel Shankin: You’re Always Integrating Something, Episode 105, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

As a psychedelic integration coach, Daniel Shankin offers time-tested and scientifically backed tools so clients can create a life for themselves that is aligned with their deeper values and manifests measurable results that matter.

As the founder and director of Tam Integration, he’s committed to offering radically accessible and inclusive support and education for people who are wanting to transform, heal, and grow. Tam’s integration circles and online conferences enjoy a worldwide audience and much critical acclaim.

He also leads the year-long Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Coaching Program, training emerging leaders in the facilitation of transformational engagement.

He and his wife live in a tiny town in New England where they forage for mushrooms and throw rocks into creeks with their toddler.

In this episode, Daniel Shankin and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Daniel serves people with emerging spiritual visions as they weave their new-found truths into their lives in a way that is sustainable, harmonious, compassionate and wise
  • Daniel’s methods are fiercely practical while maintaining space for mystery and magic to emerge
  • Daniel’s focus is on finding a path with heart through the psychedelic space centered on generosity of spirit, depth of experience, and rigorous practice
  • Integration is a daily practice, not just something done after a psychedelic journey
  • Integration involves taking lessons learned in a journey and incorporating them into daily life
  • Helping clients create a life aligned with their values
  • Imposter syndrome can be a form of self-centeredness
  • Should healers and spiritual practitioners be expected to be broke while those working for corporations are allowed to get paid?
  • The value of paying for a dedicated healing artist who has spent their life practicing and training to be qualified
  • The privilege of thinking that psychedelics should be free
  • Tam Integration’s free resources and services offered at different price points

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