Integrating Psychedelics & Sacred Medicines Into a Business

If you haven’t noticed, the “Psychedelic Revolution” is here. And these Sacred Medicines are growing bigger, more popular and more mainstream every day.

I believe the medicine path is a journey of waking up to your higher self. In this, there’s something in your SOUL that wakes up and craves fulfillment, freedom and a lifestyle that aligns with your deeper purpose and who you truly are.

If you want to integrate visionary experiences into your purpose… Or you’re trying to figure out your what your business is, but you aren’t clear… Or you just don’t know what to do first or next… Then this free training is for YOU!  Download it for free here:

In this free Psychedelics and Business workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The first steps to get clarity and get started, whether you know what you want to do or not.
  • How to (legally) integrate psychedelics into a purpose-based business.
  • The future potential of psychedelics in the transformational and healing industry.
  • Learn how to get clarity, align with your heart and integrate your own visionary experiences into your purpose.
  • How you can start a psychedelic coaching business without having to get a “certification” or do additional training.
  • How to overcome your blocks and fears so you can stop dreaming and start bringing your gifts to the world and help more people.
  • Hacks and tools to get you focused, get momentum and bring in the ABUNDANCE you want and deserve!
  • Easy hacks to stop your procrastination so you can take actions to produce tangible results.
  • And how you can to get started on your business visions right away at no-cost!
Beth Weinstein psychedelic business coach

If you’re feeling “I’m unfulfilled doing what I currently do…and I feel called to do something else”…and you want to have more free time, fulfillment and fun…

OR you’re trying to figure out your what your business is, but you have no clarity…and you don’t know what to do first or what to do next…

Then right *now* is the perfect time for you learn how to start and actually go create it!  Why?  Because it’s time…the world needs YOU more than ever now.

  • If you’ve wondered how to integrate psychedelic experiences into your purpose and business…
  • Or there’s a part of you that wants to help people and make a difference in the world…
  • Or if you feel stuck, lost or frustrated, and want support to get you past your fears and doubts…

If any of this resonates with you, download this free training HERE:

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