Be Guided Through a Soul-Aligned, Step-by-Step Process to Get Clarity in Your Purpose, Help More People, & Grow your Transformational Business

TheTrue Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program is not only about the evolution and growth of your soul's purpose and business - it's the expansion of your entire life.
This is a LIVE 12-month group business coaching program and a deeply transformational embodied purpose, energetic soul alignment, and mindset mastery program held inside a supportive, like-minded community of spiritually-oriented humans and medicine folk.

TheTrue Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program is not a generic business coaching program over-promising you gazillions of dollars overnight with an inauthentic, old-paradigm "formula".

This is an expansion of your purpose, service, fulfillment, freedom, finances, Heart and Soul.


The True Path Entrepreneur Group Mastermind Program walks you through a step-by-step journey that gives you all the exact steps to start, grow, and get clients in your coaching, psychedelic, healing or similar transformational business — whether you have a business yet or not, or only have some ideas.

This Group Coaching Program empowers you to know what to do first and next to have a sustainable business that grows and grows over time. It gives you the confidence to feel good about sharing Your Unique Medicine and sets you up to have an authentic, embodied business that is unique and true to you.

When you join our community of Psychedelic Pioneers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, you’ll be given the steps you need to get clarity in your business, start getting clients, and make consistent income by helping people with your soul’s calling.

If you’re not feeling fully aligned yet but you want to make a difference in the lives of others…you want clarity, fulfillment, to make money with your service, and you know you are meant for more in life, then this sacred container is for YOU.

This is not just a business coaching program…this is a deeply transformational container that will shift your reality and move you into alignment with your soul’s True Path.

(You can hear more about what goes on inside The Group Mastermind Program here and here, and see past client testimonials and results here).

You’re here to serve, make a difference, and live your full potential.

You’re being led by your heart desiring to make an impact in the live’s of others.

You are not living in this extraordinary evolutionary time on earth just to sell some widgets, push some papers, and collect a paycheck to survive.

You are here to THRIVE and contribute to awakening of hearts of humanity while being supported by your soul’s True Path.

You work on multidimensional level that is often hard to explain or put into words.

The True Path Entrepreneur Group Mastermind Program is not one of those programs that over-promises you “have $100K months” by using some inauthentic, old-paradigm, cookie-cutter “formula”. 

If you’re not already being fully supported by your soul’s calling, this is the program that shows you the HOW’s — so that you can finally get past your blocks to have a fulfilling and financially supportive business you love.

TheTrue Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program consists of a like-hearted community starting & growing these kind of businesses:

TheTrue Path Entrepreneur

Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program is a LIVE group program that teaches you how to start, grow, and get clients in your business and EMBODY your soul’s calling (yes, even if you don’t know what your business looks like yet).

Enrollment is open now.

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Is this you?

But you just don’t know what to do to get clients…

Or you feel blocked or feel like an imposter…

You can get past your blocks and get clients with the accountability of this container and the steps you’ll be walked in this live Mastermind Program. 

In order to be fully supported with consistent income from your work, you need to first learn the “HOW”: 

How to get clarity. How to create, price and package your services. How to attract your ideal clients.  Learn exactly what to do first and next so you stop spinning as you “wing it” all on your own.

Here's everything you get...

Enrollment is open now!

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Here are a few results of True Path Entrepreneur Mastermind Psychedelic Pioneers & Aligned Entrepreneurs:

“I joined Beth's Mastermind Program because I wanted to learn how to attract my ideal client and going through her sales process enabled me to find my own unique process for how I sell.”

“I had been in other programs before, but nothing compared to Beth's Mastermind. Beth not only taught me the necessary business systems I needed, but she also taught at a spiritual level which really showed me what my divine purpose is.”

“The biggest takeaway I received from the mastermind program was putting my soul's work out into the world without fear. Beth gave me the tools I needed to work through my imposter syndrome in practical ways.”

When you join us, you’ll get exactly what you need to succeed:


Get clarity around what exactly it is you’re here to do, what you love to do, and who exactly you feel called to serve most, so that you can make money doing what you love & have a soul-fulfilling business that impacts and transform the lives of your ideal clients! Stop wasting your time “winging it” or “waiting” …when you have follow the steps I lay out for you in this program, you’ll quit feeling lost or overwhelmed.


You will learn how exactly to create a core offering that your ideal clients really wants (that you feel super excited about!) that ALSO supports you in your income and lifestyle goals. You’ll also learn how to attract in your ideal clients with a step-by-step strategy so that you know exactly what to do first, what to do next and when to do it, so you’re not stuck trying to figure it out all alone on your own!


You will learn a foundational process you can follow right away so that you can start learning how to attract your ideal clients who want and need your help, and who are ready to say “Yes!” to and pay you for your help. You can (and should) use all you learn in this program over and over for the lifetime of your business so that you can continue to attract in new clients all the time, and have sustainable income that supports your lifestyle.


Learn how to get past your blocks, imposter syndrome, fears & limiting beliefs to grow a spiritually-based business using a balanced, co-creative approach using both the masculine and feminine energies to grow your business. I combine practical, heart-centered business strategies along with spiritually-based mindset training, medicine integration, and manifesting work so that you have a balanced business aligned with your heart and soul.

This program is PERFECT for you if…

This program is NOT for you if…

Throughout the 12 month container, you will…

….so you can help more people, create freedom, fulfill your full potential and have fun doing it!

For a relatively small investment, you can learn how to attract new clients and build your own community of potential clients who want to say “yes” to your offer. What you learn in this program can be repeated over and over for the lifetime of your business.

What's that worth to you?

Once again, here’s everything you get…

If you’re ready to get unstuck, step into your purpose, get clarity and call in ideal clients…

“Beth’s Mastermind Program isn’t only for people who are already established in their businesses, but for people looking to hone in on their skills through her practices, exercises, and support throughout the program.”

What do all my clients have in common?

They’ve all left my Group Coaching Mastermind Program with clarity, a business, and a complete life shift and liberation of their soul.

And to me, their soul shifts are more valuable than a thousands of dollars.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE money and I do believe everybody needs to make it. In fact, all my clients have made money from what they learned in the Mastermind Program…

But I’ve seen them get so much more than that.

I’ve seen them get:

And the list goes on…!

Of course, helping clients and making more money are important.


So why don’t you join us this year and finally find out for yourself what a difference your True Path can make in your life?

~ Beth

Stuck to Success.
Clarity to Clients.
Your True Path to Purpose.

More glowing praise from past Mastermind Program clients…

“Beth helped me work through my fears, and it allowed me to put myself and my business out there.”

Stuck to Success.
Clarity to Clients.
Your True Path to Purpose.