Trust That You Are Being Called to Fulfill

Your Soul's Purpose

Hi! I’m Beth. I help you align with your purpose and grow your heart’s calling into a business that truly supports you so you can help more people, Share Your Unique Medicine, and make money doing fulfilling work that aligns with your soul.

As a spiritual business coach, I help you make a difference in people’s lives while you make great money doing what you love from anywhere on earth.  I guide you through a step-by-step press to get clarity and grow your business so that you know what to do first and what to do next, and you’re not stuck trying to “wing it” all alone on your own.

I primarily work with newer and aspiring coaches, healers, therapists, Psychedelic Pioneers, psychedelic-assisted coaches, and other transformational leaders, and those on the psychedelic and sacred plant medicine path who are ready to answer the call to help others, create change on the planet, and share their unique medicine to create a happier, love-based world for all.

I believe soul-led, service-centered spiritual entrepreneurs will transform our planet. I believe anyone can have a heart-centered, money-making business that stays true to your values, makes a difference in the lives of others, maintains a sustainable balance with Mother Earth, and makes an impact in the world.

Look all around you…do you feel the intensity of these times?

We are in a period of great change, and it is not easy to navigate these transitional times all alone. People need your help and your medicine. Now is the time to listen to your heart and live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. 

Now is the time to start doing what you love, share your gifts, and create the life you want by living in alignment with your heart while receiving all the freedom, abundance, fulfillment, and fun you desire.

I’ve started three of my own businesses; have experience scaling five startups; launched two startup brands; and launched many new product lines within existing businesses.

After a successful (but unfulfilling) corporate career, I helped launch and grow early stage startups before diving into entrepreneurship and launching three of my own businesses. In the startup world, I did operations, digital marketing and e-commerce working directly with great innovators and founders of highly successful companies.

“Practicing what I preach”, I accomplished one my life-long dreams: creating OnlyAtoms, a high-quality running apparel brand sustainably manufactured in New York City. I managed and oversaw every aspect of launching and growing a brand and digitally-based business – design, production, digital marketing, PR, e-commerce, website, content, code, SEO, hiring, outsourcing, and pretty much everything you can think of – for six years.


I like making magic happen, having fun, inspiring those around me, and getting things done.

(I’m a Sag sun 🔥, Leo moon 🦁, Capricorn rising 🌍).

I’ve worked with a variety of clients called to be of service in the world:  from coaches to ceremony space holders to CEO’s to cacao curanderas…  healers, herbalists, health coaches … psychedelic integration coaches, psychedelic-assisted coaches and healers, psychedelic therapists … spiritual teachers, somatic therapists, embodiment coaches … death doulas, breathwork facilitators, tantra teachers, astrologers … women’s empowerment coaches, womb healers, wellness coaches, and much more. 

I’ve had some interesting past clients: I helped grow a virtual reality agency; helped manufacture the world’s first commercial 3D printing vending machine; and helped grow the business of one of the world’s top handpan musicians.  In my corporate and startup work, I established and implemented company-wide processes; produced, marketed, and shipped a variety of interesting products; managed all types of personalities, and ran large international, cross-functional teams.

But I am most passionate about helping others start and grow their heart-led online business, get their spiritual gifts out to the world, creating community, taking on new challenges, and continuously learning and growing.

Besides having started three businesses and helping other businesses grow and scale for over 19 years, my path and background involves investing continuously into holistic business, spiritual and personal growth for 30 years.

I have invested the majority of my life and multiple six-figures into various coaching programs, leadership trainings, sacred medicine work, mindset coaching, NLP, somatic therapy modalities, psychedelic integration training, earth and nature-based modalities, immersive experiential work with indigenous and mestizo people’s in different parts of the world, energy healing, online marketing trainings, sales training, copywriting, web design, coding, mastering SEO, social change training, and much, much more.

My education has come from over 30 years of embodied transformational experiences and training:

But my favorite medicine is grounding on this beautiful Earth, drinking clean water, serving my clients, and watching the bees living in the hives on my land fly around my garden full of herbs and veggies.

As part of my commitment to sacred reciprocity, a portion of the proceeds from all my programs and psychedelic summits are donated to various 501(c)(3)’s, mutual aid funds, and individuals supporting plant medicine and psychedelic advocacy and organizations supporting sacred reciprocity to indigenous medicine carriers in the sacred plant medicine and psychedelic space. 

I am also actively involved with the launch, support and fundraising for Reserva Rinquía Nature Reserve, a project near and dear to my heart that will protect the ecological integrity of the Rinquía watershed in the Peruvian Amazon. 

Donations have been made to: MAPSICEERS & the Ayahuasca Defense Fund;  Decriminalize NatureThe Ancestor Project;  ChacrunaThe Drug Policy AllianceBlessings of The ForestMyCoalition / SPORE.orgAncestral HeartHeroic Hearts ProjectZendo ProjectThe Women’s Visionary CouncilCoSMHealing Advocacy Fund/Oregon Measure 109Escuelita Finca MiaDon Jose Campos Legal Defense FundKathie Areseno’s Kambo Mutual Aid fund; and various direct donations to support the Huni Kuin in Brazil and the Metizo communities I visit in the Ucayali region of Peru.

I have been blessed to work with and learn from the world’s most incredible teachers. 

Here are just a few who’ve made an impact on my life: my Buddhist teachers Josh KordaKathy Cherry and Melissa McKayMaryn AzoffAntonia Talayeh / Rainbow Bridges Program;  Emily UtterJim FortinChen LehnerAlison SinatraShanda Supter/Heartcore BusinessEva Cruz Pena, Mari SmithSheri BrownGibran RiveraAubrey Marcus – Fit For Service, Brian Moon McCarter, D. R;  M. C. M., Nadia Capone, coaches at Boston Breakthrough Leadership Academy (BBA was since acquired), leaders/coaches at Landmark Education (hey, I did the entire curriculum back in the 1990’s!), my family, friends, loves, team, and MOST OF ALL, my incredible current and past clients who are courageous humans doing important, impactful work on the planet.

I have an array of other passions, too…

Fun Facts

Countries Visited

Adventures and Tarantulas

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to travel all over the world to over 40 countries, for both business and pleasure.

I had adventures and brought back interesting stories: gun pointed to my head in Rio; pepper-sprayed in Taiwan; traveled alone via train through India; slept next to tarantulas in Peru. I’ve seen the inside of factories in Asia, was stunned by the amount of ships in the Singapore port, and had my breath taken away first seeing the Taj Mahal.

Other fun facts:  I was in a movie you probably saw, and on a reality TV show that you probably never saw. 😉

My life has been filled with incredible adventures…

Over the years of travel and saying “YES!” to interesting opportunities, I learned a lot, made great friends along the way, and became a better person by seeing how the rest of the world lives.

You are the medicine we need for these times.

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