Client Success Stories from Aligned Entrepreneurs

Beth Weinstein is a true visionary and masterful facilitator! Her expertise in bringing together the perfect team and crafting an unforgettable leadership retreat journey left us all in awe.

From the moment we stepped into that beautiful day of rest, expression, and connection, it was clear that Beth had poured her heart and soul into making it an extraordinary experience.

What truly sets Beth apart is her commitment to personalization. She took the time to understand our unique needs and concerns, ensuring that every step of the retreat was tailored to our team’s specific goals. Her ability to create a customized approach for each of us made all the difference, and I felt fully supported throughout the entire journey.

I am deeply grateful for the impact Beth had on our team. Her guidance, energy, and care allowed us to grow as individuals and as a cohesive unit. Thanks to her, we left the retreat feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. I can confidently say that our team is stronger, more connected, and better equipped for success, all thanks to the incredible work of Beth Weinstein.

–Biddy Tarot

"I came to your Program to dive a little deeper, and what I really liked about you is you give us information & spiritual connection. I had an amazing experience!"

Beth Weinstein is a powerful, intuitive guide and healer who brings deep feminine wisdom and respect to her work.

She created a beautiful experience for my team and me that brought us closer together than ever before and laid the foundation for us to continue deepening our connection both as a collective and as individuals.

Beth curated a select group of talented practitioners and led us through a profound ceremony of meditation, healing, astrological insights and deep connection. She has a gift for creating sacred spaces where healing and transformation can occur, leaving you feeling nurtured, supported, and truly seen.

I am grateful for the impact Beth had on our journey. Her nurturing presence and expertise created a healing and enriching experience. If given the opportunity, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Beth.“


“Beth taught me how to attract my ideal client in a way that enabled me to find my own style of teaching with them.”

I joined Beth’s True Path Entrepreneur Business Coaching Group Mastermind Program because I wanted to start up my new business, get out of my own way, and get rid of fear…and I absolutely got it!

I was hesitant to invest in business coaching, but now I know it was absolutely totally worth it! I would recommend Beth’s coaching programs to anyone that wants to do something but is afraid to start or doesn’t know how. I went from zero to successful business in less than 10 months!

I loved mindset work in Beth’s mastermind program! There are so many ways to approach mindset and he really helped me figure out what I need to focus on at different times. I read priceless books that she recommended that I would have never read otherwise. She is positive and believes in all and this really rubbed off on me, She is honest and she is fierce!! This rubbed off as well and I am a much stronger person now.

I made the decision to join Beth’s True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Program because after speaking to her, I felt that she had exactly what I needed to get me started. She steps and support. I loved the Mastermind Group, and I never felt alone. I also know that success in business is mindset and she focused on that concept a lot. I knew that she could give me the tools to get me out of my own way — and I did!

I am no longer afraid to live my dream, of being judged, or of being an innovator. I also now know that taking risks will sometimes result in failure and I am no longer afraid of that.”


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I joined Beth’s True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program because soon after receiving my coaching certification, I started getting overwhelmed.

I wanted to receive concrete business growth strategy and tips, and a structure of what steps I need to take to start my coaching practice and get clients. And I got it ALL! I got much more clarity on my business vision and started to feel more comfortable talking to others and sharing about the psychedelic integration coaching and functional medicine practice I am building. Most of all, I successfully signed and coached clients while in her program!I highly recommend Beth to anyone who has a dream of building a conscious business but does not know where to start. Beth is a great business coach… she is honest, reliable, and an out-of-the-box thinker. If you want a cookie-cutter business coach, she is probably not for you! Beth will ask you thought provoking questions and will lovingly call you out on your sh*t while proving support in the areas you need the most. Also, having a supportive community as we navigate the process of building our businesses is so important! Thank you, Beth, I love you!”

– Marina, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Functional Medicine Coach, Sound Healer

I would recommend Beth and her spiritual business coaching to anyone that is looking to make a big change and start their own passion business.

I got my business up and running! I have a contract and invoices – I am an entrepreneur! I have a vision. That’s what I was out to do and I’m filled with drive to continue past the program with all of the things I couldn’t quite put into practice. I’ve starting sharing myself everywhere I go, online, and I am shining the light to attract who needs me most.

I started working with Beth because I wanted to figure out what I wanted to focus on and how I wanted to heal and be of service. I have absolutely come out on the other side with a clear and unique offering combining energy healing with self-partnership coaching. I know my “why”: to increase honesty and integrity in relationships and help people deepen their connection with themselves so that they can connect more fully and truly with others and not lose that sense of self. This is what drives me and inspires me!I have adopted a “why not try it and see” attitude. I’m now not worried about everything fitting in or making sense, I just follow my inspiration. I’m now doing a call to action at my workshops, and I have one workshop I have done enough to feel confident to repeat it over and over.

I love Beth and she knows what she is doing…her ideas work, and she helps you connect with your ideal clients!! You can’t argue with the results and I’ve learned that coaches are supposed to get you out of your comfort zone!”

– Alicia, Healer & Love Coach

I can’t believe that I have a full-fledged, amazing business. Like, a REAL one! It’s all in place, and I’m really happy about it!

Last week when Beth asked, “What do you want to manifest?” I specifically wanted a new client who was going to sign up to work with me…and it was the easiest booking ever – she signed up with me today!

My partner says that I’m a master manifestor, and I agree. My sex life is even better – it actually is!  It seems like my partner thinks it’s very sexy that I could get all this stuff done, and so he has a lot of respect for me, and he’s very supportive.

I feel really calm at the end of the program. I feel really good about everything. I don’t have any stress about it. I feel amazing and very, very proud of myself…and very grateful.

My dreams came true!  It feels really good to be an entrepreneur! I’m just a happy girl. I’m really grateful.”

The main thing that I got out of this program is that I got clarity: I know what I do and who I’m here to help – and I actually got to DO IT ALL!

Beth, thank you for telling us to take risks, and like you said, “Oh what the fu*k, just go for it!”. I didn’t want to run a workshop, but I was like, “do it anyway”. And I did! I created a program knowing what I I am focusing on…incorporating my energy work and awareness of the body into my coaching, instead of separating them, and now I have clients where I’m getting to test all of this…it’s really awesome! I also manifested having these group workshops where I made money, which feels really good. It feels nice to finally get paid well for my time. It’s also been really great to connect with such amazing people in the group. So yeah, lots of great results!

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I’m so happy with our year of coaching together, it was one of my best investments in my lifetime — my life has totally shifted since I met Beth!

I was very fortunate to have met Beth at a point when I needed it most (in my quest to leave my unfulfilling career to a more soul-centered, mission-driven life). I was desperately looking for some help, someone to help me get out of my dark shadows. That is when I first booked a free coaching session with Beth in January. Looking back, I have come so far…and now in a very improved situation in my life and career. Beth, you showed me not to give up on my life, that life is full of possibilities, and suffering is a choice — and that I can choose how I want to live!

What I got from this program is positivity and possibility, because as you know, I always work, work, work, and it’s easy for me to get into the state of disappointment, like, “Ah, I can’t do this. I will not have the life I want.” But in joining Beth’s business coaching program, I was able to see strong evidence showing me that it’s actually possible that I can live the life I want! And I got energy, so much energy out of this. In addition to this, I’m so happy and grateful for the people in the group. They are so wonderful. I wouldn’t meet these kind of people where I live, so I was so happy to meet them. It was very helpful because I didn’t know where to start, or what to do, so I’m going to continue doing what I learned in Beth’s coaching program.

I know this is what Beth does for living, but for me, Beth was a savior. Beth patiently listened to me every time. Beth has a high level of positive energy to receive clients’ negative energy and guide them into a better direction. Beth, I truly thank you for what you have done for me in the last year. It was a privilege to get coaching from you…thank you for reminding me that I can feel JOY throughout my soul discovery journey!“

– Kyoko

“I initially found Beth through a series featuring successful heart centered entrepreneurs who had all started their own business. I loved her energy and style immediately and just knew I had to get in touch with her and work with her in any way I could!

Her energy, her compassion, her honesty, her enthusiasm and her pure zest to live her best life is very inspiring and Beth is a fantastic mentor!

In her True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program, I definitely got greater understanding of my true soul purpose and passion!  I would recommend Beth’s Group Business Coaching Program to anyone who wants to start a heart centered business but doesn’t know how to, or feels stuck in their own resistance and fear. I also met some truly genuine, heart centered wonderful people whom I feel blessed to have spent time with and will cherish for years to come.

Working with Beth has been such an amazing and life changing experience. It’s also such a pleasure just to know her as a human being.  You will feel genuinely loved, supported, respected, and valued when you work with Beth. Much love.”

– Julia

I’m really happy I took Beth’s group business coaching program, it was really helpful.

I’m really grateful for the structure of the things that were presented in the program. For me, I was stuck because I felt I was trying to figure out what my niche is, but having a structure of how to go about getting a email list and putting a workshop together, that was very helpful.It was really great to get to know new people and get to witness everybody’s journey and how people were progressing on it. That’s been pretty cool. I’m sure I’m going to have more questions in the future, so it’s good to know that I have this resource. Thank you so much!”

“Working with Beth transformed me from where I was into a completely different, more positive, abundant mindset. I finally learned to truly value myself and my services.  I was underpricing my work, and giving away too much.  Now I don’t do free work anymore, and I raised my coaching rates to reflect the niche market I serve, and provide me more consistent income that truly supports and values my life and my work. Beth is passionate, vision-oriented, straightforward and lovingly honest.  I would recommend Beth’s business coaching to other entrepreneurs with online businesses.

– Rachel H.  Life and Health Coach

“I am only looking forward…and I keep my mind much more open and curious! I’m glad you held me accountable, I needed it.  I am plain just straight out doing really well and very focused. Lots of transformation over the past year. I feel very, very good about where I am headed, and in general, about everything. Actually, very excited and uplifted!!  Absolutely everything is in motion, and my mission is clear. I am so on it. I feel great!”

– Mike B., CEO/President

“Beth’s knowledge in marketing for growing businesses like mine, and the tips she shared, were precious to help my brand gain new customers and build upon existing customers. Her determination in helping you achieve your goals makes her the business coach you want and need. Thank you so much Beth!

– Izaskun Z Creative Director & Founder

“What I got from Beth’s coaching program is positivity and possibility, because I always work, work, work, and it’s easy for me to get into the state of disappointment, like, “Ah, I can’t do this. I’ll never have the life I want.” But in joining her program, I was able to see strong evidence showing me that it’s actually possible that you live the life you want. And I got energy, so much energy, out of this. In addition, I’m so happy and grateful for the people I met in the group. They are so wonderful. I wouldn’t meet these kind of people where I live in Japan, so I was so happy to meet them. It was very helpful because I didn’t know where to start, or what to do, so I’m going to continue doing what I learned here.”

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