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My List of Recommendations

Coaches & Transformational leaders


Kat Gordon

I connect you to the wisdom of nature to activate your innate wisdom and self-love so that you can move through life with balance, ease, and joy.

Mindset & NLP Coach

Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin is a subconscious and high performance expert with +20 years of expertise in brain based transformation. Using a brain based approach with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom, his group programs create core-level transformation in his students. Get $150 OFF Jim Fortin’s TCP Program with coupon code: “BETHWEINSTEIN“.


Katrina Michelle

Katrina brings warmth, compassion, and a spirit of joy and play to supporting helpers & healers on the spiritual path.


Jonathan Schecter

I support men in finding clarity and unlocking change in their personal development work thru breathwork, somatics and meditation.


Maitreya Wolf

I help people transform the pain of “dark night of the soul” experiences into the power they need to live and give their gifts beautifully in the world.


Heather Shelton BSN, RN

Heather supports people on their health journeys using herbs, cannabis, nutrition and lifestyle. Heather also offers an online herbal apprenticeship and has spoken about cannabis and psychedelics at many conferences around the country.


Kelli Schonher

Kelli Schonher helps people feel more alive today by reducing the fears around death and dying through customized preparation for oneself and ones loved ones. Creating a green death plan is a gift to yourself, your family and the world that is easier with support. M


Juliana Rose Goldstone

I help couples re-design their sex life -with or without psychedelics – so that they can live a life of connection, joy, and pleasure.


A. Maia Miller, MHA, LPTA

A. Maia uplifts and empowers Womxn Survivors of childhood sexual trauma through education, creative arts & spiritual mentorship so that they can release shame and reclaim their identity.


Leanne Nolan

Leanne is a Death doula & educator, yoga instructor and plant medicine advocate.


Magda Haver

I work with open minded people facing moments of transition to take a leap, by working with intuition and subconscious, so that they can release their attachments and ways of thinking and gain confidence and trust.


Tammie Lyn Martin MS OTR/L, CHSE

Intuitive Guide, Tammie Lyn co-creates with spirit, helping illuminate clients’ innate potential to fiercely rise and liberate their heart, embody their unique medicine, and be of service to all of life.


Ashwini Addala

I help people gain a deeper understanding of the belief systems they established throughout life via various healing modalities so that they can uproot them and live healthier, freer lives aligned with their soul purpose.


Dr. Marissa Castello

Using powerful healing therapies, channeled energy, and medical expertise, Dr. Marissa helps you tap into your personal power and uplevel your life, from wellness to relationships to career to physical health.


Kamesha Seagle

Kamesha brings a unique approach of connecting you to transformational energies using different modalities to improve your mindset and quality of life.


Stefanie Frank

Support spiritual leaders/facilitators/professionals in bringing their work, trainings, retreats to the sacred container of the Nest

Psychedelic Integration Coaches & Therapists

Sinclair Fleetwood

Sinclair offers high level psychedelic integration support for spiritual seekers on the plant medicine path so that you can overcome your self-doubt, fulfill your soul mission, and live the abundant, joyful life you deserve.

sinclair @ mysticalheartcollective.com
Sinclair Fleetwood’s Website

Erin Doumert

I am here to help you heal from the blockages that keep you from living your authentic true self. Are you ready to go deep into the feminine mysteries, womb healing, and are ready to live life with full self-confidence so that you can be unapologetically yourself?

erin @ erindoumert.com
Erin Doumert’s Website


Jill Van Meter

I help you access the deeper aspects of yourself through coaching, Psychedelic Somatic Therapy, breathwork and psychedelics so that you can create, manifest and live the life that you have always desired. This is a cutting edge therapeutic process that uses legal psychedelic substances, cannabis and ketamine, to support a deep dive process for people that are wanting to process their trauma experiences and release how they are held in the body.

jill @ jillvanmeter.com
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Simon Yugler

Depth Psychotherapist & Coach; Psychedelic Facilitator; Writer. Exploring the liminal wilds of the soul through psychedelic integration, depth psychology, & Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy

Joi Whitmore

I support high-achievers who are tired of overthinking and feeling stressed as a guide on their journey of awakening to the presence of the divine within.

joi @ joiwhitmore.com
Joi Whitmore’s Website


Kelly Barmann, OTR/L

I offer somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems, earth based practices and integration services so that you can achieve SUSTAINABLE results and deep, lasting personal transformation.

barmannkelly @ gmail.com

Abbie Hiduk

Abbie works with spiritual seekers and visionaries to help them shift their inner-landscape to reach new levels of authenticity, vulnerability, love, and acceptance

heartspaceintegration @ gmail.com
Abbie Hiduk’s IG

Elizabeth Bast

Elizabeth serves as ceremonial facilitator and holistic coach specializing in sacred plant medicine support, spirit-led addiction recovery, & visionary life design. She is a devotee of plant medicine, ceremony and prayer, having been raised within a long line of plant healers and an inter-tribal community with traditional ceremony. 

yogini.bast @ gmail.com
Elizabeth Bast’s Website



Maryn Azoff

Maryn teaches powerful tools, guiding you in finding your authentic voice, helping you heal your body, clear psychological traumas, Raise your physiological frequency, reclaim the full power of your voice, and build your confidence.


Margo Fragola-Zorra Fresa Healing

I help you open portals to remembering your sacred roots through cultivating a deeply intentional relationship to Mother Earth so that you can free yourself from feelings of disconnection, separation, fear, and lack, and live an experience of greater intentionality, authenticity, meaning, and mysticism.

Energy Healer & Intuitive

Kelly Fragale

Quantum energy healer and catalyst to support you releasing blocks and aligning with your soul. Beth’s personal enegy healer. 🙂

Call/text: 646- 399- 3829 / kellyfragale @ gmail.com


Samuel Perry

Samuel is a RH (AHG) clinical herbalist, medicine maker, herbal educator providing online sessions and is located in upstate New York and in New York City.

samuel @ samuelperry.net
Sam Perry’s website


Teri Leigh

Your wisdom lies within; I help you access it through mentorship and education based in chakra alignment in the areas of: love, money, body awareness, mindful eating, and business development.


Diane Langlois

Diane’s Dynamic Kinesiology is a global approach facilitating the work of identification of the factors interfering negatively in the well-being and the harmonious development of the individual and which then offers the opportunity to operate a process of change using a variety of tools.

diane01 @ qc.aira.com


Susanna Raeven

Herbal apothecary and small-scale organic herb farm in upstate NY.
Our remedies are made with fresh plants from our farm and created with great care and love for our Mother Earth.

Somatic Therapists

Jules Hare

Jules is a playful and highly experienced Embodiment Facilitator and Intuitive Mentor who will help you align with your purpose and potential through virtual bodywork so that you can truly step into your power and inspire transformational change in your world.

Jules @ cranialwaves.com
Jules Hare’s Website

Antonia Talayeh CHt CPTC

Antonia is a Transpersonal Soul Counsel, intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys. She guides you throughout paradigm shifts, holds you to become realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart, and guiding you towards actualizing your highest potential.

antoniatalayeh @ gmail.com
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Psychedelic Integration Coach Training Programs + psychedelics and plant medicines resources and education

Psychedelic Summit Bundle (+90 Psychedelic Talks)

Learn all about psychedelics and plant medicines with over 90 interviews with the world’s psychedelic experts. Get instant access to +90 groundbreaking psychedelic talks from experts, thought leaders and authors in psychedelics, plant medicines, entrepreneurship, spirituality, microdosing, personal development, visionary art, shamanism, music & more. Discussed:  psilocybin, ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT Bufo Alvarius “toad” medicine, iboga, MDMA, ketamine, kambo, shamanic journeying, earth medicines, plant spirits of non-psychoactive plants & fungi, shadow work, breathwork, ritual & ceremony, motherhood, sacred activism, social change, and death.

Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Program with Atira Tan

Get $100 OFF Atria Tan’s AYA Healing Retreat’s Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Program with my special coupon code: PSYCHEDELICSANDSOUL

VITAL Psychedelic Facilitator Training

A 12-month professional certificate training in the elements of psychedelic therapy and integration.  Join the immersive Vital Psychedelic Facilitator Training Program and get a special discount using my link.

Tam Integration’s Psychedelic Integration Coach Training

Tam Integration’s Psychedelic Integration Coach Training creates a powerful container for people with emerging spiritual visions. By the end of the year, program participants will have the skills to serve others in as catalysts for powerful personal change. Our coaches leverage the experiences they’ve had in psychedelic spaces, engaging with individuals from a place of deep presence, healing and care. Email me directly to get a discount code for Tam Integration’s Psychedelic Integration Coach Training.

Plant Spirit School Psychedelic Integration Coaching Certification Program

Get a discount off the tuition for the Plant Spirit School Psychedelic Certification Program, an 8-month program for Plant Medicine People, using my coupon code: ENTHEOBETH

Psychedelics Today discount code for all courses & classes

Get 20% OFF with my coupon code for all Psychedelics Today classes, including their live psychedelic training program, “Navigating Psychedelics for Therapists and Clinicians” using my 20% coupon code “PsychedelicsandPurpose” at this special link here –>

Microdosing Masterclass: Safe and Effective Microdosing (get my 20% OFF coupon code for all Psychedelics Today courses & classes)

Investigate the History, Science, and Best Practices for Safe and Effective Microdosing. Get 20% OFF with my promo code for Psychedelics Today courses and programs Must click my link and use code: PsychedelicsandPurpose

Plant Medicine + Psychedelic Integration Training

A 6-month program developed for all those called to be in service as Plant Medicine Integration Specialists. This intensely deep experience includes bi-weekly live sessions with a pioneer in the space of psychedelic integration, Kat Courtney, as she shares experiences and lessons from an almost 20-year relationship with Plant Medicines and aftermath work. 

Foundation to Psychedelic Pharmacology 

Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist, Dr. Ben Malcolm aka The Spirit Pharmacist, creates educational programs advocating for safe, beneficial, and empowered use of Psychedelics.  Know the science and clinical data behind each molecule in the psychedelic psychopharmacology, learn how to safely taper antidepressants in preparation for psychedelic journeys, and gain a deeper understanding of psychedelics, drug interactions and safety. Highly recommended for mental health professionals, facilitators of psychedelic experiences, psychedelic integration coaches, students, and psychonauts longing for psychedelic scientific knowledge.

Psychedelic Pharmacology by Substance

Dr. Ben Malcolm The Spirit Pharmacist covers Psychedelic Pharmacology by Substance for these medicines: MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, MAOI’s, Mescaline, DMT & 5-MeO-DMT and Ibogaine.

Antidepressants and Psychedelics – Drug Interaction and Tapering Manual

Stay Safe and Informed with Dr. Ben Malcolm The Spirit Pharmacist covering information and resources for optimal decision making and planning when considering antidepressant tapering in preparation for psychedelic therapy and psychedelic use: Antidepressant and Psychedelic Interactions; Antidepressant and Psychedelic Interaction Summary Chart; Safely and Successfully Stopping Antidepressants; Antidepressant Taper Planner and Monitor.

Microdosing for Beginners: How to Microdose

When it comes to microdosing, you’ve heard the most about it’s potential for helping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, and other physical issues.  But what if you’re interested in microdosing but you don’t have something specific you’re looking to treat? There are millions of people who want to feel better throughout their day. Many have turned to microdosing (psilocybin or LSD but I prefer psilocybin) to help improve their focus, fuel their creativity, and just feel better. No matter what you want get out of a psychedelic microdosing experience, I believe that the key to success starts with education – which is why I recommend DoubleBlind’s How To Microdose Course here.  

Doubleblind: Fundamentals of Psychedelics Bundle

Go deeper with the Fundamentals of Psychedelic Bundle from DoubleBlind.

How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms Class Bundle

In this beginner psychedelic mushroom growing course, learn to set up your own DIY shroom growing at home! With insight from experienced cultivators, you can use this methodology for a variety of mushrooms. This expert-curated course walks you through the basics of cultivation, from preparing your grow setup to harvesting your mushroom species.  Follow along with these easy-to-digest tutorial videos, written companions, and support from mycology experts, including Dr. K Mandrake author of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible. In this course, we’ll cover vocabulary, spores & supplies, inoculation, building your grow environment, hydration, fruiting, and harvesting!

Psyche & Cosmos online course with Stanislav Grof

Access an Archetypal Map of Your Psyche with Stanislav Grof, the founder of transpersonal psychology, and noted philosopher Rick Tarnas (online course)

Indigenous Plant Medicine Rituals for Purification & Protection

Reconnect with the intelligence of plants for physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing with Adriana Ayales (online course)

Discover the Shaman in You with Peruvian shamanic healer, Oscar Miro-Quesada

Transforming Your Awareness with Shamanic Power with internationally known Peruvian shamanic healer and transpersonal psychologist, don Oscar Miro-Quesada (online course)

Other Tools & Classes

Mind Movies – the best manifesting tool that exists!

MindMovies is one of the best manifestation tools I’ve ever used and is one of my favorites!  I found it through Dr. Joe Dispenza. No, it’s not free, but it’s worth every penny! If you look at my FB post here, you can read more about how it works and you’ll see the photos of my instant dream home manifestation. 🙂

Legal templates for coaches & healers

These incredible templates were created by Lisa Fraley (Legal Coach, LLC) exclusively for coaches, healers and solopreneurs.

Software & Online business tools I use & Trust

Web Hosting


As a business coach, I ONLY recommend building a website with WordPress and I always recommend hosting with Bluehost. Fast and reliable, their hosting options are designed to fit your website needs. Sign up with my link to get a FREE domain name for your first year and expert 24/7 support.

Create Landing Pages


Simplify your lead generation. Easily build websites and landing pages, connect your favorite marketing tools, and track your results.

Email List Building

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

eCommerce Payments


SamCart makes it easy to sell online – whether you are selling coaching, digital products or online services, SamCart is the easiest way to start accepting orders.

Project Management


Dubsado helps your business stay in motion. Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

Website & WordPress Templates & Themes

Envato Market

As a business coach, I ONLY recommend building a website with WordPress and Themeforest by Envato Market offers over 52,200 WordPress Themes & Website Templates starting at $2.

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