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(including my own personal healers & coaches!)



Maryn Azoff

Maryn teaches powerful tools, guiding you in finding your authentic voice, helping you heal your body, clear psychological traumas, Raise your physiological frequency, reclaim the full power of your voice, and build your confidence.


Brian Moon

Astrology, I-ching readings, spiritual guide.
Call/text: 646-

Spirit Guide, Healer, Teacher

Melissa Maldonado

I guide people through the darkness as they embark on their conscious awakening, leading them on a journey to heal their deep wounds, rediscover their joy and spiritual power, connect to the Universe from within, and align their lives with the truth of their Soul.

ms.meli.maldonado@ gmail.com
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Ashley Gustafson

I help people live more joyful and fulfilling lives by teaching them to connect more deeply with their own soul and purpose through the use of the ancient healing modalities of yoga and shamanic healing.

savingxwhales@ gmail.com
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Samuel Perry

Samuel is a RH (AHG) clinical herbalist, medicine maker, herbal educator providing online sessions and is located in upstate New York and in New York City.

samuel@ samuelperry.net
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Susanna Raeven

Herbal apothecary and small-scale organic herb farm in upstate NY.
Our remedies are made with fresh plants from our farm and created with great care and love for our Mother Earth.


Diane Langlois

Diane’s Dynamic Kinesiology is a global approach facilitating the work of identification of the factors interfering negatively in the well-being and the harmonious development of the individual and which then offers the opportunity to operate a process of change using a variety of tools.

diane01@ qc.aira.com


Adara An’driana

Spiritual catalyst to support your opening to the freedom and joy of your true nature.

Call/text: 808- 651- 9138


June Brought

June has been channeling Akashic Record insights after studying with teachers both physical and non-physical for over 30 years in various modalities. Often combining Matrix Energetics with the sessions, she provides an environment which facilitates expansion and redirection on all levels.

Coaches & Transformational leaders

Mindset & NLP Coach

Jim Fortin

Jim Fortin is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over 20 years of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom, Jim’s programs create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.


Natalia Ella

I help you dive deep into the inner workings of your being to help you emerge as a newly evolved, confident, and abundant version of You.

iamnataliaella@ gmail.com
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Chris Kohut

I support you in releasing limiting beliefs and traumas that are causing lack and limitation through Inner Child work and Energy Healing

lifeoflovehealing@ gmail.com
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Kat Gordon

I connect you to the wisdom of nature to activate your innate wisdom and self-love so that you can move through life with balance, ease, and joy.

yarrowresilience@ gmail.com
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Mary Mahoney

From Stagnation to Adventure: no matter our age, we must have a youthful spirit.


Juliana Rose Goldstone

I help couples re-design their sex life on their own terms so that they can live a life of connection, joy and pleasure.

boldlyembodied@ gmail.com
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Todd Anderson

I facilitate exploration of higher consciousness and find your authenticity through sacred medicine ceremonies and a deeper connection with nature

intrepidjourneys919@ gmail.com
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Nova Raye

I offer personalized hypnosis, shadow integration, and fear alchemy services to entrepreneurs who are ready to unlock more of their magic and powerfully attract clients.

novarayeservice@ gmail.com
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Magda Haver

I work with open minded people facing moments of transition to take a leap, by working with intuition and subconscious, so that they can release their attachments and ways of thinking and gain confidence and trust.

mimihaver@ gmail.com
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Ashwini Addala

I help people gain a deeper understanding of the belief systems they established throughout life via various healing modalities so that they can uproot them and live healthier, freer lives aligned with their soul purpose.

intrepidjourneys919@ gmail.com
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Leanne Nolan

Leanne is a Death doula & educator, yoga instructor and plant medicine advocate.

leannenolandoula@ gmail.com
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A. Maia Miller, MHA, LPTA

I uplift and empower Womxn Survivors of childhood sexual trauma through education, creative arts & spiritual mentorship so that they can release shame and reclaim their identity.

amaia.miller.consulting@ gmail.com
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Mariasole Ingravallo

Mariasole is a Methamorfic Intimacy Coach & Empowerment Artist.

mariasoleingravallo@ gmail.com


Kelly Barmann, OTR/L

I offer somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems , earth based practices and integration services so that you can achieve SUSTAINABLE results and deep, lasting personal transformation.

barmannkelly@ gmail.com


Seth Longacre

Spiritual and transformation coaching grounded in your wild soul.

primalsoulhw@ gmail.com


Caroline Davies

Transformational life coaching, complimentary therapies and psychedelic integration services.

caroline@ mindfulflow.com

Somatic Therapists

Nicolai Grosell CCEP, EMM

I support you on your journey of healing and growth. I believe that we each have the power to heal ourselves and live meaningful lives full of depth, joy and love. I am a trauma-informed Core Energetics somatic therapist and I help you to integrate body, mind and emotions. Core energetics is a body-based psychotherapy that works with a person’s emotional blocks often held in the body. Life can be more joyful when old pain is released through energetic movement. In our work together, you will bring consciousness to old patterns to free you, heal your trauma, and make real, lasting change in your life.  I have extensive experience working with psychedelics and plant medicines, both personally and professionally, and can help you with preparation and integration so that you make the most of your psychedelic medicine experience.

nicolai@ nicolaigrosell.com
646- 321- 9738
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Antonia Talayeh CHt CPTC

Antonia Talayeh is a Transpersonal Soul Counsel, intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys. She guides you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts, holds you to become fully realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart, and guiding you towards actualizing your highest potential. Antonia has been facilitating deep meditation journeys for 22 years, and has worked internationally in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers in bridging modern western depth psychology with alchemical integration methods of the ancients.

antoniatalayeh@ gmail.com
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Sherri Brown, CCEP, RACE, EMM

Sherri Brown operates a full-time practice in NYC, working with individuals, couples, and facilitating group process. Sherri’s work is primarily concerned with helping people to live the fullest expression of themselves, assisting her clients to step into the power that comes from knowing their purpose. Sherri’s training came as an inaugural graduate of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of California and she is now on their faculty as well.

sherritbrown@ mac.com

Psychedelic Integration Coaches

Jill Van Meter

I help you access the deeper aspects of yourself through coaching, Psychedelic Somatic Therapy, breathwork and psychedelics so that you can create, manifest and live the life that you have always desired. This is a cutting edge therapeutic process that uses legal psychedelic substances, cannabis and ketamine, to support a deep dive process for people that are wanting to process their trauma experiences and release how they are held in the body.

jill@ jillvanmeter.com
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Elizabeth Bast

Elizabeth Bast serves as a writer, yoga teacher, performance artist, ceremonial facilitator, speaker/educator, & holistic coach specializing in sacred plant medicine support, spirit-led addiction recovery, & visionary life design. She is a lifelong devotee of plant medicine, ceremony, and prayer, having been raised within a long family line of plant healers and an inter-tribal community with traditional ceremony. Her greater intentions are to help facilitate 100% natural bliss, synergy between culture and nature, and conversations between the old & new ways of knowing. ​Bast is the author of HEART MEDICINE: A True Love Story, an intimate memoir about a healing experience with the African sacred medicine, iboga.

yogini.bast@ gmail.com
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Daniel Shankin

Daniel Shankin and Tam Integration’s coaching process has been refined over several years while working with innumerable clients. It’s designed to prepare the whole individual to meet powerful, ineffable experiences with clarity and an open heart. First we meet for sessions to get you ready for your journey, and then we meet afterwards to support you in processing the experience and moving into the next chapter of your life.

tamintegration@ protonmail.com
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Tricia Eastman

Tricia Eastman is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance, integrating ancestral technologies with modern protocols designed to address the ailments of the “Western mind.” With honor and respect to the traditions and a reverent relationship with the medicines, along with best practices in psychedelic integration, we have the tools needed to use these medicines to transform ourselves, the human collective, and the planet at large.

triciaeastman@ me.com
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Deva Arani

I am an integration alchemist and specialize in the integration of transformational retreat experiences. If you are feeling stuck, it is most likely because you are not tuned in to your own inner truth and wisdom. People often find themselves caught in patterns that do not serve their true self or purpose. Change is difficult both because of one’s internal structures built for safety and security; and our external reality, with others expectations and beliefs about who we are and how we should live. I help others find their own inner wisdom. I am the author of “Integration Alchemy”, which I wrote to help people land and thrive post transformational retreat.

aranishimer@ gmail.com
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