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You Are the Medicine We Need For These Times

Hi, I’m Beth

If you dream of having a purpose-based, spiritual business and embracing a life of freedom, fulfillment and fun, I offer a unique, multi-dimensional approach…

I’m a spiritual business coach helping newer and aspiring psychedelic pioneers, coaches, healers, therapists, spiritual teachers, and similar transformational leaders align with your purpose and grow your business so you make your living doing what you love while making a difference in the world.

Using my experience starting and growing multiple businesses, along with practical business strategies, neuroscience-backed mindset-mastery methodologies, spiritual teachings, and somatic soul embodiment work, I help you move past your blocks and limiting beliefs so that you get clarity in your purpose, embody your authentic truth of your heart, Share Your Unique Medicine, and get your work out in the world so you can make a difference in an impactful and profitable way.  

Spiritual Business Coach - Beth Weinstein

You have your own unique medicine…and YOUR Medicine is what we need for these times.

I guide you through a step-by-step process to start and grow your business using a balanced, co-creative approach combining both the masculine and feminine energies of growing a human-centered business.  You learn practical online business strategies and action plans and authentic, heart-centered marketing together with spiritually-centered mindset mastery, subconscious reprogramming, leadership development, soul liberation and soul embodiment coaching, somatic therapy modalities, psychedelic integration, applied metaphysics, and ancient wisdom.

My own evolutionary, entrepreneurial and spiritual path has been informed by my work with sacred plant medicines, psychedelics and entheogens for over 25 years. I help you integrate your own psychedelic and sacred medicine journeys to find your soul’s purpose and live Your True Path so you can align with your heart and create a transformational business that supports the freedom-filled and fulfilling life you desire.

Because of my dedicated and deep experience on the sacred medicine path, many of my clients (but not all!) join my business coaching programs to start their psychedelic integration coaching business, or a psychedelic-assisted coaching or healing business that incorporates psychedelic medicines, micro-dosing, or other aspects of psychedelic healing into their businesses and their work that makes a difference in the lives of others.

If you want to learn more about integrating psychedelics into your coaching, healing, therapy or similar transformational business, check out my groundbreaking annual psychedelic summits: “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul’s Purpose and Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences into Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship” (2022), “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose and Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences into Conscious Entrepreneurship” (2021), “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose and Business (2020)“, and “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines and Purpose (2019)“.

You can also read more about some of my experiences with sacred plant medicines and dietas here and here.

— We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For —

I believe spiritual evolution and activism comes through many forms, one of which is through the work you choose to do in the one and only gift of life you’ve been given.  I believe that in order to be a spiritual change-maker helping people with your services, and creating the transformation and new paradigms you want to see on Earth, you must be empowered…

To be empowered in your business means not just earning a living, but earning great income that supports you, your own growth and evolution, causes and organizations you believe in, and the kind of freedom and lifestyle you desire.

It is not spiritual to be a struggling coach, healer or transformational leader.

It is spiritual to confidently share your unique medicine, and be compensated in return for your love and energy.

It is spiritual to be well-supported as you serve more people while living your purpose and step into your most authentic, happy self to live a truly fulfilling life!

Curious? Check out my Group Business Coaching & Mastermind Programs and see how I’ve helped psychedelic pioneers and spiritual entrepreneurs find true path success in their soul-centered businesses.

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What some clients say…

I’m so happy with our year of coaching together, it was one of my best investments of my lifetime — my life has totally shifted since I met Beth! 

I was desperately looking for some help, someone to help me get out of my dark shadows and start my coaching business. I was very fortunate to have met Beth at a point when I needed it most — in my quest to leave my unfulfilling corporate career to start a more soul-centered, mission-driven online coaching business.

Looking back, I have come so far…everything has improved. She showed me not to give up on my life, that life is full of possibilities — and that I can choose how I want to live!

I truly thank Beth for what she has done for me in the last year. I know this is what Beth does for living, but for me, Beth was a savior. Beth patiently listened to me every time. Beth has a high level of positive energy to receive clients’ fears and doubts, and guide them into a better direction.

It was a privilege to get coaching from Beth… I thank her for reminding me that I can feel JOY throughout my entrepreneurial journey!“

 More client wins:

Beth Weinstein spiritual business coaching group program

It feels like a major shift has happened.

I am so thankful to Beth for being on my team!  I am so thankful for her motivating me…I am so proud of myself!  You inspire me so much. I love you, Beth, you are the BEST! ”

– Liz K.