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Hey there!

I’m Beth Weinstein.

If you dream of having a purpose-based business and embracing a life of freedom and fulfillment, I offer a unique, multi-dimensional approach….

I’m a spiritual business coach helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, spiritual leaders, healers, and product creators align with their purpose, grow their business, create freedom and make great money while helping others and doing what they LOVE, from anywhere on earth.

Using my experience starting and growing multiple businesses, along with neuroscience-backed methodologies, spiritual teachings, and practical business strategies, I help you move past your fears and blocks  so that you overcome any obstacle, get your services out to the world and reach more people in an impactful and profitable way.  

I guide you through a step-by-step process to grow your spiritually-based business using a balanced, co-creative approach combining business coaching, practical business strategies and action plans, and heart-centered marketing strategies together with spiritually-based mindset training and manifesting work.

My spiritual path includes working with Sacred Plant Medicines (a.k.a. Entheogens / Psychedelics) and I have a special place in my heart for helping others along this path transition into their higher purpose, and create a sustainable, profitable business that supports the freedom, income and life they desire.  

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“I’m so happy with our year of coaching together, it was one of my best investments in my lifetime — my life has totally shifted since I met Beth! 

I was desperately looking for some help, someone to help me get out of my dark shadows. That is when I first booked a free coaching session with you in January 2018.

I was very fortunate to have met Beth at a point when I needed it most (in my quest to leave my unfulfilling career to a more soul-centered, mission-driven life).   

Looking back, I have come so far…and now in a very improved situation in 2019. 

You showed me not to give up on my life, that life is full of possibilities, and suffering is a choice — and that I can choose how I want to live!

I truly thank you for what you have done for me last year.  I know this is what Beth does for living, but for me, Beth was a savior. 

Beth patiently listened to me every time. Beth has a high level of positive energy to receive clients’ negative energy and guide them into a better direction.

It was a privilege to get coaching from you … thank you for reminding me that I can feel JOY throughout my soul discovery journey! “

 – Kyoko N.

“Working with Beth transformed me from where I was into a completely different, more positive, abundant mindset.

I finally learned to truly value myself and my services.  I was underpricing my work, and giving away too much.  Now I don’t do free work anymore, and I raised my coaching rates to reflect the niche market I serve, and provide me more consistent income that truly supports and values my life and my work.

Beth is passionate, vision-oriented, straightforward and lovingly honest.  I would recommend Beth’s business coaching to other entrepreneurs with an online business, or product-based businesses.”

– Rachel H.

“I am only looking forward… and I keep my mind much more open and curious! I’m glad you held me accountable, I needed it!

I am plain just straight out doing really well and very focused. Lots of transformation over the past year.

I feel very, very good about where I am headed, and in general, about everything. Actually, very excited and uplifted!!  Absolutely everything is in motion, and my mission is clear. I am so on it. I feel great!”

– Mike B.

“I love you, Beth, you are the BEST!  It feels like a major shift has happened.  Thank you for being on my team!” “Thank you, Beth, for motivating me…I am so proud of myself” 

– Liz K.

“Beth’s knowledge in marketing for growing businesses like mine, and the tips she shared, were precious to help my brand gain new customers and build upon existing customers. Her determination in helping you achieve your goals makes her the business coach and consultant you want and need. Thank you so much Beth Weinstein!”

– Izaskun Z.

“Beth is a risk-taker who’s not afraid to ask for anything. She will do what it takes to help you get the job done well and efficiently. Her “get things done” personality and experience working in startup brands make her the perfect fit for fast-paced businesses. She’s a natural entrepreneur.

She brings a delightful “lean-in” friendliness and positivity to sales and partnerships, which lead to win-win outcomes for all parties involved. Beth is a valuable asset — don’t miss her.”

– Britta R.

“Beth is bold, smart and can handle anything. She’s an outgoing go-getter type who makes things happen, is dedicated and passionate about growing businesses. I highly recommend Beth — whoever works with her will have a great resource on their team!”

– Skyler S.

“Beth has such strong project management skills: she is incredibly detail-oriented and takes her clients and work seriously. I know I could trust her to help us develop a well-executed final project.”

– Jia Jia Y.

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