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Here’s how we can work together

Group Intensive Program

You Are The Medicine Intensive is a live, deep dive 9-Week Group Business Coaching Program that teaches you a simple step-by-step process so you get clarity on your true path, know what to do first and next in your business, start getting in clients, and grow your business fast. Why stay stuck and procrastinate any longer? Your medicine is what we need for these times. 

 Group Mastermind Program

Inside The True Path Entrepreneur 12-month Group Business Coaching & Mastermind Program, you’ll build a solid foundation for your business, learn to grow your business so you have long-term, sustainable income and create a soul-based business that truly supports you and the life you desire… held in a container with other high-vibe spiritual entrepreneurs & psychedelic pioneers like you.

1:1 Private Coaching

Accelerate your business, income, leadership, and soul expansion within a transformational 1-1 Private container. You get private coaching, along with 1-1 guidance in applied metaphysics, somatic embodiment and energetic support…in addition to heart-centered business action plans, mindset transformation, and soul guidance tailored for exactly where you’re at in your business and life.

Online Courses & Trainings


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