1-1 Private Deep Dive Coaching Program

with Beth weinstein

Investment: $1,997

Here's what you get:

*NOTE*  If you get one client from what you learn in this Deep Dive program, your entire investment pays for itself (and well beyond that, of course!)  I do not offer any other single-session private coaching besides this Deep Dive container, and this investment is less than one month of my 1-1 Private Coaching Program.

I want to express my overwhelming gratitude for Beth.

I am in tears thinking about how she changed my life!

Within the first month of launching my business, I signed over $25,000!!"

A major shift has happened!

I am so thankful to Beth for being on my team! I am so thankful for her motivating me… I am so proud of myself! You inspire me so much. I love you, Beth, you are the BEST!”

"I would recommend Beth and her business coaching to anyone that is looking to make a big change and start their own passion business. "
"I am grateful for the impact Beth had on my journey. Her nurturing presence and expertise created a healing and enriching experience.

If given the opportunity, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Beth."

A year ago I was lost regarding what I was offering or how to get momentum.

"I credit my big leap into coaching with lighting up my True Path. So grateful. Now I know how I am and exactly what I'm here to do!

I am no longer afraid to live my dream, of being judged, or of being an innovator. I also now know that taking risks will sometimes result in failure and I am no longer afraid of that.”