In Just 7 Weeks… 


Learn the Step-by-Step Method to Get UNSTUCK, Get CLARITY,  ALIGN with Your Soul’s Work…. and GET CLIENTS! 



If you don’t know where to start…or don’t know what to do next…

then this is for YOU!   (Even if you don’t know what your business is yet!)

The True Path Entrepreneur

7-Week Intensive Business Growth Program

What’s included…

7 weeks of Support on the business strategies you need to know so you can get clarity, create your core offering, and start calling in clients, right away! You also get mindset coaching so you can get past your blocks and limiting beliefs and start creating the business and lifes you want.

You get 90-minute LIVE group coaching and Q&A calls so you stay focused in the current step, be organized, and take actions to create results in your business and life. (All calls are recorded and available to download in case you miss any!)

Unlimited Coaching & Support in our Private Facebook group so you’re fully supported in a community of like-minded friends, and never alone on your journey. 

Plus additional trainings and guides so you can refer back to what you learn for the lifetime of your business!

WE START SOON!  (Join the waitlist to be notified of the next cohort start date)

Here’s How You Can Join…


Get a 1-1 Private Business Strategy Call to use anytime so you get extra support to stay on track and reach all your goals!

If you’re not feeling fully aligned in your business or life, and you feel you are meant for MORE… this program is for YOU

You need to learn how to get into alignment and create the soul-based business you desire. You need to get clarity and attract your ideal clients with a step-by-step strategy so that you know exactly what to do first, what to do next and when to do it, and you’re not stuck trying to figure it out all alone on your own!


  • You are ready to grow your heart-aligned business in a sustainable way that gives you steady income from ideal clients, as well as more free time, fun and fulfillment…

  • You want more clarity, confidence and exact steps to tap into your purpose, stop your procrastination, and get into action, to build the life-transforming business you want…

  • You might already have a business, you have a lot to offer, yet something’s offyou feel stuck, and haven’t been as successful as you’d hoped…

  • And you know you have a bigger purpose and are called to help more people with your gifts and services…

But you just don’t know what to do FIRST, or NEXT, to get more clients and grow…!

And you struggle with your fears and doubts, or you feel blocked, and often feel like an imposter…!

If so…

I’d like to share how you can get past your blocks, have more clarity, and get more clients to grow your business with a simple step-by-step process…

The True Path
7-Week Intensive Group Coaching Program

A interactive, intensive LIVE group program where you’ll learn how to start, grow, and get clients in your business (whether you have a business or not!) 

Here’s what you need, and what you’ll learn in this 7-Week Program

You will get clarity around what exactly it is you are here to do, and who you’re called to serve most, so that you can make money doing what you LOVE and have a soul-fulfilling business helping change the lives of your ideal clients!

You’ll create a core offering that your ideal client really wants and you’ll learn how to attract your ideal clients with a step-by-step strategy so that you know exactly what to do first, what to do next and when to do it, so you’re not stuck trying to figure it out all alone on your own!

You’ll learn easy strategies you can follow right away so that you attract your ideal clients who want and need your help, and who are ready to say “YES!” to and pay you for your offers!

You’ll get past your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs to grow your spiritually-based business using a balanced, co-creative approach combining practical, heart-centered business strategies along with spiritually-based mindset training, medicine integration and manifesting work.

(Some Client Results)

“Working with Beth transformed me from where I was into a completely different, more positive, abundant mindset.

I finally learned to truly value myself and my services.  I was underpricing my work, and giving away too much.  Now I don’t do free work anymore, and I raised my coaching rates to reflect the niche market I serve, and provide me more consistent income that truly supports and values my life and my work.

Beth is passionate, vision-oriented, straightforward and lovingly honest.  I would recommend Beth’s business coaching to other entrepreneurs with an online business, or product-based businesses.”  (Rachel H.)

“I’m glad I worked with Beth…she held me accountable, I needed it! 

Lots of transformation over the past year working with Beth.  Now I am plain just straight out doing really well and very focused. I am only looking forward…and I keep my mind much more open and curious! 

I feel very, very good about where I am headed, and in general, about everything.  Actually, I am very excited and uplifted!

Absolutely everything is in motion, and my mission is clear. I am so on it, and I feel great!”  (Mike B.)


Learn a simple, no-cost, fun technique that is essential to build the foundation of your business so you can get more clarity, know how to attract in the exact clients you want to work with and get your first clients (or get more ideal ones!)


Learn how to use both the necessary Yin/Masculine and Yang/Feminine actions and energies to create a sustainable, balanced business working from your heart, intuition and flow. (Because, yes, it is possible to grow a super-successful, profitable business while having it be FUN and EASY!)


You’ll get deeper clarity around your purpose and business, your “why”, and who you’re called to help the most.  You’ll learn what it is you need to know to create the growth you want in your business (and create the business you want for your life!)


You’ll get past blocks and fears so you can share your authentic voice, step into your power, reach more people who need your help to create a business that transforms lives and gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.


You will craft and price your core offers (or tweak exisiting ones that aren’t working!) which your ideal clients needs and wants to pay you for, and that you are super excited about bringing to the world!


You’ll learn and use heart-centered marketing strategies to get your offers in front of your ideal clients over and over again so you can help more people AND have more consistent income.


In our final week, you’ll start 2020 off with momentum, energy, and inspiration!! In addition to honing in on more heart-centered marketing strategies to get your offers to your ideal clients, you will get coaching where you feel you need the most support to uplevel your business and make quantum leaps in your life!

Throughout the 7 weeks, you will ALSO…..

  • Learn to master your mindset and break through your blocks, fears and doubts…
  • Get accountability, focus, a safe container and support from me and a group of like-minded, purpose-based entrepreneurs. 
  • Do deep mindset and energy work; visionary medicine integration; spiritual, body and earth-based practices.
  • Have fun, connect and learn along with a group of awesome, like-minded purpose-based entrepreneurs who may become life-long friends, colleagues and collaborators!
  • Learn the essential tools you need to know to build ANY successful business! 

….so you can help more people, create freedom, fulfill your potential and have FUN doing it!


Transformational leaders, coaches, therapists, spiritual teachers, healers, energy and body workers, sacred space holders, medicine people, heart-centered entrepreneurs and spiritual business owners who want to feel fulfilled by your work, and make a difference in the world!

You don’t know where to start, and don’t know what to do next, but you’re ready to learn the steps to get where you want to go with your business.  

You feel blocked, stuck or misaligned where you are now, and you want to break through them and bring your gifts to more people.

You procrastinate, can’t focus or have no clarity…but you’re ready to stop struggling and start getting into action and flow!

You want more freedom in your life and business, but you have no idea how to make it happen.

You are curious to explore your mind and inner world, and open to the magical and mystical outside you…and you’d love it if all this business stuff could be easier and fun to manifest! 

… AND you appreciate a grounded, realistic, balanced, no-BS coaching style. (I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising).

We are committed to equity and diversity among my clients: BIPOC and LGBTQ identified folks are encouraged to apply!


You are looking for a magic pill, aren’t willing to put in effort, you want to stay comfortable and wait for things to change on their own, or you want someone else to do everything for you. 

You aren’t willing to evolve, get a bit uncomfortable, or do personal growth work on yourself.

You don’t have feeling inside your heart that knows you’re here to do more, or that you’re here for a purpose…

If you aren’t willing to be held in a supportive container to take small steps towards fear and discomfort.

If you get weirded out about spirituality, psychedelics and visionary medicines, meditation, manifesting, astrology, moon cycles, talk about energy and vibration, or anything else “woo”, then you probably won’t like me or this program. 

Here’s Exactly What You Get

7 x 90-Minute Coaching Calls every week so you stay focused, organized, and take actions to create results in your life. (All calls are recorded and available to download as both audio and video to watch at any time!)  

Access to our Private Facebook Group for tons of extra coaching and accountability so you’re fully supported by me and a community of like-minded friends, and you are never alone on your journey. 

Step-by-Step Coaching and Methods to Align Your Purpose to Your Life…  so you can get more clarity and start calling in more clients. 

Spiritually-based practical guidance and mindset coaching so you can get past your blocks and limiting beliefs and start creating the business and life you want!

Plus additional trainings, resources and guides so you can refer back to the work you learn at anytime.


Get a 1-1 Private Coaching and Accountability Call to use anytime during the program so you get extra support to stay on track and reach all your goals!

For only a small investment …. you can learn how to attract new clients each worth thousands of dollars! What you learn in this program can be repeated over and over for the lifetime of your business.

What’s that worth to you?


SO. Are you ready to get unstuck, step into your purpose, get clarity and call in ideal clients?

If so, here’s exactly how to join us…!

Stuck to Success.  Clarity to Clients.  Your True Path to Purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Program start?

Answer: We start November 25th (my birthday!!), and goes until early 2020

Q: If I choose the Payment Plan, when will the 2nd payment be made?

Answer: The payment plan is 2 monthly payments.  The second payment will be charged to your card 1 Month after you initially join. 

Q: Is there a private community?

Answer: Yes! You will get access to the private Facebook group where you will receive additional coaching and support, as well as build a community of like-minded people. 

Q: How many coaching calls will there be?

Answer: There are 7 x 90-minute group coaching calls.

Q: What if I don't have Facebook?

Answer: Having Facebook is NOT required to partake in this program!  While you may miss out on the community there, you will still get 7 full weeks of coaching and life-changing training! I personally recommend being on Facebook, or at least setting up a private profile just for this program.