Be Guided Through a Step-by-Step Process to Get Clarity, Confidence & Start Getting CLIENTS!


7-Week Intensive Group Business Coaching Program

In this LIVE interactive group business coaching program, you’ll get clarity and structure so you can start and grow your coaching, healing, psychedelic or transformational business and help more people with the soul-fulfilling work you’re called to do. (Whether you have a business or not, or only have ideas).

If you get just one client from what you learn in this program, the entire program pays for itself.   Do you believe you’re able to help one person?

Here’s everything you get when you join us:

Get immediate access when you join... program starts April 10th.

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Here’s some of what we’ll be covering…

The Clear Foundation You Need

Learn a simple, no-cost, step-by-step process that is essential to build the foundation of your business so you have more clarity, know how to effectively speak about your work, and message to attract in the “soul mate” clients you want to work with, and get more clients (or get more ideal ones!)

A Balanced, Authentic, Heart-Led Business

Learn how to use both the necessary Yin/Masculine and Yang/Feminine actions and energies to create a sustainable, balanced business working from your heart, intuition and inspired action. Yes, it is possible to grow a sustainable, profitable business while having it feel authentic, aligned and easy.

Align With Yourself & Others

You’ll get deeper clarity around your business ideas and who you’re called to help the most. With your business “root chakra” in place, you’ll then learn how to attract in and connect to more of your ideal clients. You’ll be walked through what you need to create the expansion you’re ready to receive.

Get Crystal Clear

As you get more clarity around your work, you’ll create, price and package a core offer (or tweak an existing one that isn’t working) that your ideal clients need and wants to pay you for… an offer you are excited about that inspires you to bring to the world!  If you’re in the “feast or famine” cycle of your current business, you’ll be shown ways to restructure it so that you better serve your clients, create more consistent income, and end the exhausting cycle of “feast or famine” once and for all.

Confidence to Share “Your Medicine”

You’ll get past your blocks and fears, and feel good about the art of effective messaging so you can confidently share your authentic voice, step into your deeper service, and reach more people who need you and “Your Medicine” during this time of great change on Earth.

Soul-Centered Strategies

You’ll learn authentic, from-the-heart soul-centered marketing and client-attraction strategies so that you get your offers in front of your ideal clients over and over again, you help more people AND have more consistent income.

Throughout the program, you will also

…so you can share your medicine, help more people and fulfill your full potential as a visionary leader here to make a difference in the lives of others.  


7-Week Intensive Group Business Coaching Program

When you join us, you’ll get exactly what you need to have a successful, sustainable, soul-centered business:

Clarity & Clear Messaging

Get clarity around what exactly it is you’re here to offer, what you want to do, and who exactly you feel called to serve most so you can make money doing what you LOVE & have a soul-fulfilling business that transforms the lives of your clients. You’ll learn how to message to attract ideal clients with a step-by-step strategy so that you know exactly what to do first, what to do next and when to do it, so you’re not stuck trying to figure it out all alone on your own!

Heart-Centered Strategy

You will learn how to create, price, and package your core offering(s) that your ideal clients wants, serves them best, and supports you with more consistent income and a sustainable business -- a business that is authentic to you that you're super excited about! No need to waste more energy or time by “winging it” or “waiting”. Once you follow the steps I guide you through in this program, you’ll quit feeling lost or overwhelmed and BE ACTIVATED on your emerging path forward to success!

Call in Clients

You will learn a foundational process you can follow right away so that you can start attracting in your ideal clients who want and need your help, who are ready to say “YES!” to and pay you for your help. You can (and should) use all you learn in this program over and over for the lifetime of your business so that you can continue to attract in new clients and create sustainable income that supports the kind of balanced life and business you want.

Master Mindset

Learn how to get past your blocks, fears & limiting beliefs to grow a truly heart-based business with a balanced, co-creative approach using both the "masculine" and "feminine" energies in your business. I combine practical, heart-centered business strategies along with spiritually-based mindset training, medicine integration, and applied metaphysics work so that you have an authentic business that's truly aligned with your heart and soul.

Does this sound like YOU?

But you just don’t know what to do first or next to get clients and grow… Or maybe you feel blocked, or feel like an imposter…

…then the YOU ARE THE MEDICINE Group Coaching Program is perfect for you.

You can get past your blocks, get clarity, and get clients with the support of me, a community, and the step-by-step process you’ll be taken through inside this container.

This 7-Week Group Business Coaching Program is for you if...

This program is NOT for you if…

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Doors are open NOW. You get immediate access to the first steps when you join. Our first live call is April 10th, 2024.

There are 7 x ~90 minute group coaching calls (sometimes calls are longer than 90 mins).

The calls are ALWAYS recorded and available to download after the call if you miss any.

You get immediate access to a library of short and easy steps, plus tools and resources that you can refer to at any time you want and excel ahead.  This library also hosts everything we review on our calls, so if you miss a call or want to review the steps – it’s already written down for you.

The calls rotate between Wednesdays and Thursdays and take place between 4pm-6:30pm EDT so you can attend the calls no matter what time zone you are in.  We’ve had people join from Australia, South Africa, EU, UK, USA, Canada, Peru, Mexico and Japan.

There is also daily coaching and support from Beth inside our community group, popup videos and “office hours” Beth is inside our group in addition to unlimited coaching.

If you’re an early bird, you get a 1-1 Private Coaching Session with Beth so you get extra support to reach all your goals ($1400 value).


Answer: Yes!  The You Are The Medicine Intensive is what will give you the CLARITY you seek and EXACT STEPS to take to start and grow your business, whether you already have a business or only have ideas.

Has there ever been a time you’ve done something, even though you weren’t sure of the details or how it would look later on?

I know it seems like a paradox that, when you don’t have clarity on what you want to do… the only way to figure out what you want to do is by actually DOING it.

If you have even just SOME feelings inside you that feel “maybe I could do this” or “that feels like it would be fun to do”, then this program would be perfect for you!

The process that I teach in this program is an easy, embodied process to explore different ideas, and through it, you’ll feel which one(s) might feel like you want to pursue more.

Of course as you do anything new, it might feel a bit “stretchy” and uncomfortable…but that’s always the case when you try something new!

Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Answer: I completely understand how it feels stretchy to invest in your business growth and your dreams.

But here’s the truth: consider that the reason you might have to wait to be paid to invest in this program is the exact reason why you need this program. (Like many things in life, we have to invest in learning the “how” to do what it is we don’t know how to do!)

It pains me to see so many gifted aspiring coaches, healers and Psychedelic Pioneers struggling to start and make money in their business. For a small investment, you will learn a simple step-by-step process and strategy you can repeat over and over in your business to attract clients and make 100X the investment of this program.

What’s that worth to you?

If you get just ONE client from what you learn in this program, the entire program pays for itself!

(Which you will do if you just do the steps as I teach them, are coachable, and show up for yourself).

Investing the time and money into this program might seem like a lot to you now, but when you look at it as an investment into your future, you can’t afford not to invest in your business growth.

What is it you’re doing for work, or how do you earn money now? Is that really what you want to be doing in another 6-12 months? Or 1-5 years?

Where do you want your business and income to be in 6-12 months? Do you want to be helping more people and earning more in your business?

Tap into your FUTURE SELF. Imagine where your future self is in 6 months, or 1 year, or 3-5 years…

Does your future self know how to get to where it wants to go by “winging it” all alone on its own? Did it take your future self weeks or years to grow its business? Is your future self glad it invested a small amount to quickly make 50-100X that small investment amount?

Answer: I compltely understand life is busy. Life is busy now. Life will be busy later, too! Life was busy even in lock-down quarantine, right? 😉

I invite you to be honest with yourself…how long have you been saying “Maybe later!” or “Now is not a good time” or “I’m too busy right now“?

How long have you been putting off your goals and dreams because “now is not a good time”?

I invite you to see how your “time story” might be running your life. Do you want to own your time… or be a prisoner to time? Your life is in your hands.

Also: if “now is not a good time”, you can always dive into this program on your own later on. As soon as you join, you’ll be provided all the trainings and and a link to access the live calls replays so you can essentially do this program at any time, over and over and over.

Answer: You will get access to our private group where you will receive additional unlimited coaching and support from Beth, and be part of a supportive community of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs like you. This program is much more than just calls, it has unlimited support and a great community so you can step into your purpose and make your business a reality, now!

Answer: No worries! ALL calls are recorded and available for you to watch within a few hours of our call.

Answer: While I think it’s nicer to have everyone “seen” on the Zoom video during our calls, of course you don’t have to be on video. Yes, can call in from your phone, do listen-only, and never show your face if you don’t want to. (But, please, let’s see your beautiful face!)

Answer: Having Facebook is NOT required to partake in this program! While you may miss out on the coaching and community in our FB Group, you will still get coaching and life-changing training on the live calls! I personally recommend being on Facebook, or at least setting up a private/anon profile just for this program.

Answer: The first payment gets you into the program. The next payment will be charged one month later.

Answer: This program will not be offered again until 2025. (If I ever offer it again…who knows!) 

Answer: While we are certain you will love this program (and we have yet to have anyone not like this program), sorry, there are no refunds. If “now is not a good time”, you can always do this program on your own whenever you want. As soon as you join, you’ll be provided all the trainings and and link to access the live calls replays so you can do this program at any time.

Clarity to Clients. Your Path to Purpose.
You Are the Medicine.

For a relatively small investment, you can learn how to grow and get clients worth thousands and thousands.

What you learn in this program can be repeated over and over for the lifetime of your business. You will learn how to effectively communicate to attract in the exact clients you want who are ready to pay you for what you offer, no matter where you're at in your business. YOU are the medicine - now is the time to share it so you can serve more people