There are four words people repeat over and over that may be ruining your life. Four words that make it impossible to achieve your goals. Four words that you need to remove from your vocabulary, pronto!

“I don’t have time.”

People say it allll day…

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time.

I don’t have TIME.

But here’s the reality: You will NEVER have time. Because you can’t have time. Time is not something that can be had. Time doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t know you exist. It’s not even real. It’s just something humans created to make things more convenient. Time is like a handful of sand. The harder you grip it, the more it slips through the cracks. You can’t have time. You can only MAKE time.

The truth is… YOU are the creator of time. Once you realize that, you’ll realize that you have far more power over your life than you ever realized. So if you want to build a freedom-based business? Stop letting time hold you back.

The only “time” is NOW.

Which is why… if you want to create a life of freedom, travel, fulfillment and high-level inspiration

Take action RIGHT NOW to create the life you want.


You can always try to “DIY” everything. You can keep winging it all alone on your own. There are plenty of blog posts out there you can read. Tons of YouTube videos… and even more amazing books on how to grow a business. Feel free to read all of them. I’m sure you’ll get there eventually (maybe 15 years?). But the easiest way to build a freedom-based business?

It’s definitely not DIY!

It’s by having an amazing service or product people WANT… and then using PROVEN strategies to attract the right people to you and your product. People who will BUY and PAY YOU for your help.


Do you have a service or product people want? Do you have a strategy to sell your service to people consistently? Do you want a business that gives you freedom to TRAVEL or live anywhere you want? If you said “yes” to any of the questions above, and you’re ready to take action RIGHT NOW to have the business you want…

Then you are a great fit for my Group Mastermind Coaching Program, where you’ll create your service or product people WANT… and learn how to consistently SELL your offering to people who want it… so you bring in high-end, consistent, recurring income.

And just so you know… my Group Mastermind Program is not one of those programs you have remortgage your house for (yes those exist!)

To give you an idea… there are some popular “DIY” online business courses out there which are about $2,400 for an 8-week program… courses taught on video and NOT even taught live by the coach!!

You might get “office hours” where you can maybe get your questions answered, but you do not get any 1-1 personalized coaching. But if you join my True Path Group Mastermind Program? It’s a bit more than those DIY courses, but you get 10 months of coaching, AND you’ll get live, personalized, hands-on coaching and attention.

(FYI, I do not believe you can learn all you need to know to effectively grow a business in only 8 weeks…!)

So…are you ready to take action RIGHT NOW? Then make the time for your free 45-minute “Freedom Breakthrough” session using the link below. In 45 minutes I’ll help you lay out a step-by-step action plan to sell your offer so that you help more people while creating consistent income and freedom for yourself.