I recently gave a talk and led a meditation about forgiveness.  


Specifically, I spoke about the Hawaiian forgiveness practice and mantra called “Ho’oponopono“.


Ho’oponopono translates to “to make to right or correct”, and the mantra goes: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”


I guide conscious entrepreneurs to align with your deepest purpose, find true fulfillment, and impact the world while making money doing work you love, on your terms, from anywhere in the world… SO, what does forgiveness have to do with business and money?!


Forgiveness is acceptance. 


Accepting and embracing of reality exactly how things are leads to true inner peace and is your only true power. The power to sit with anything, no matter what happens, what anyone does to you, or what sh*t hits the fan.


When you forgive others, you forgive yourself…which is how you love yourself. 


And loving yourself is how you improve yourself and your whole life.


When you accept yourself and everything exactly as it is, you can keep on moving forward which means you have:


more happiness

more energy

more purpose

more freedom

more peace

more time 

more love

more worth 

more abundance  


less fear

less procrastination

less stuck-ness

less time wasted

less anxiety

less struggle

less exhaustion

less scarcity


…so you can keep taking massive actions, stay aligned with your purpose, get more done with less struggle, and achieve real results and growth in your business … which means massive wealth and abundance!


Try your own 15-day “Forgiveness Challenge” —>  For the next 15 days, say or sing the Ho’oponopono mantra at least 3 minutes a day. Here is a beautiful, free recording my friend made for you to follow along! 


Say it to yourself in meditation, walking to work, waiting in traffic, etc.


Take on the challenge and report your results here in our Facebook group!


I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you,



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