Is This Time Trap Blocking Your Spiritual Business?


This expansion is real.

Sometimes I’m blown away about how easily love, abundance and joy have been flowing in, and how much I can actually handle all at once.

(Yes of course I still have challenges and sh*t like anyone, but love, abundance, joy and success are more fun to focus attention on!)

*** My latest True Path Entrepreneur teaching series is over and it was a HUGE success! So much fun! And much easier than ever, despite all the work that goes into it. I approached it with ease and got ease.

*** I recently took extra downtime, during which I signed a few super ideal clients who I love and am so excited to be working with. Less work, more success. Hmm.

*** Not just saying this, but one of these clients seemingly appeared out of nowhere, joined my program without any question, and is seriously the most ideal client I could imagine working with. Talk about “manifesting”. Wooo wooo.

*** The other week, I bought a “real” car (meaning, not a used hand-me-down) for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Hey, I lived in the city and never needed/wanted a car. I love my new car!

*** On Friday, I’m off to Italy with my incredible ❤ partner where we’ll travel around for 10 days, see my BFF and celebrate my birthday. I’m turning 32 once again.

** *I’m in the process of buying a home that I’m super excited about. An actual house. With land. Totally adulting. Eek.

*** To top it all off, Jupiter entered my sign of Sagittarius last week, and stays there for 13 months… i.e., major luck. Supposedly the most luck Sag’s have had in 24 years. Any of you Sag’s out there feel this too??

“As I expand in love, abundance, joy and success, I inspire others to do the same”

(from “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks)




photo by Mark Grochowski!