Spiritually Inspired YouTube Show with guest Beth Weinstein

Spiritually Inspired Show with Beth Weinstein, spiritual business coach.

In this episode of “Spiritually Inspired”, author Claudiu Murgan speaks with Beth Weinstein, spiritual business coach about sacred plant medicine, psychedelics, personal development, water, the rising Sacred Feminine, and more.

Claudiu Murgan is the host of the Spiritually Inspired weekly video show. He interviews people that already experienced a turning point on their spiritual path. Claudiu creates an environment where people open up, vibrate with love, gratitude and compassion.

Beth Weinstein guide you in a step-by-step process to grow your spiritually-based business using a balanced, co-creative approach, combining practical business coaching and heart-centered marketing strategies, together with a spiritually-based mindset training and manifesting work. Beth is the founder of the “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines and Purpose” online conference, the producer of the annual “True Path Entrepreneur” online summit; and was the co-creator of “Music is Medicine” and “Urban Ceremony”, a music-mind-body-spirit weekend, together with musician East Forest.