Want the Freedom of an Online Business? (Then read this!)

I recently finished a few massive projects:  my Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose and Business interview series, a free 3-part training, and launching and running my 6-Week Intensive Business Coaching Program. Each was super successful and so much fun!

So, what’s next? 

Well, my spiritual Business Coaching Group Mastermind Program is accepting new applications NOW!

And I’m going to give you more free workshops, trainings and tools so you learn the steps to follow your true path to making great money doing work you love, on your own terms!! I can’t wait for you to get your gifts out to the world this year!

BUT FIRST… I took a vacation in Costa Rica.  Barely any work, mostly offline, time off.

Right in the middle of a big launch!

As I told someone who questioned me taking a vacation in the middle of a launch, this is not JUST a “vacation”. It’s a week of vocal activation, drinking sacred plant medicine, sitting in classes most the day, opening up my chakras and clearing my channel, and eating super healthy high vibration (ayahuasca dieta-friendly) food.

You may be askingWHY the H would you want to do THAT?!?”

I not only do this to grow and benefit myself, but to better serve YOU, all of my clients, and to make the world a better place. 

Just imagine if every human took time to work on their chakras, quiet their minds, develop balance with their emotions, learn to be at peace with life just as it is,  to develop awareness of their thoughts, ego and attachments, and foster more understanding and compassion for themselves, and all others…

Every moment we take to develop presence, mindfulness, and become more aware of our thoughts and clear ourselves and our blocks to BECOME A CHANNEL for your gifts to FLOW THROUGH YOU contributes to a truly happier, more peaceful world for all humans, all creatures and all life.

So why now? 

Trust me… now is NOT an ideal time for me to take time “off”. Right now, I “should be” focusing on talking to and helping more and more people, serving more clients, and expanding my business. But…

…I know it’s actually more helpful to YOU and my business to work on myself, than to just “do more work”.

…I’ve been wanting to take a vacation for months.

…I know this “inner work” is just as important as any other “work”

…and I created a successful freedom-based business working for myself for a reason! 

I used to think I had to work 24/7/365 in order to grow my business and make great money. I used to work all the freakin’ time! 

But I burnt myself out. And I was struggling to make money. I was not loving entrepreneurship.

And I had no real freedom!

(Does this sound familiar to you?)

I finally got to a point where I just could not take all the pain and struggle anymore.  Humans are NOT made to struggle.

You and your business do NOT need to struggle to grow, get clients and make money.

I knew I was doing something wrong when things were hard and I struggled… and I knew I needed help and support in order to reach more people and life the life I wanted.

So I finally hired a business coach. I invested thousands and thousands into myself, my business and it’s growth, and I finally learned how to run a business the right way. 

Grow a business while having FUN…

…making MORE MONEY…

…IMPACTING more people…

and with the FREEDOM to work when, how and where I wanted…!

I learned the truth: it’s not about how much you work, it’s all about learning how to work smarter. It sounds so cliche, but it’s true.

Running and growing your business is not “easy”– it does take work, action, strategies, dedication and passion–but you CAN have freedom, wealth and impact creating the kind of business and life you want. If you are ready and willing to learn the right steps and the right way how.

I want you to know this freedom is possible for you. I did it. Countless other coaches, healers, creatives, and other entrepreneurs did it. My clients have all done it. So can YOU!

I went away to Costa Rica for a retreat, I barely worked, and I made $16,540 just in the 8 days I was gone….and it was EASY!

Look…. if you are a healer, coach or another aspiring spiritual entrepreneur, I want this to be YOUR YEAR. 

Clearly the world needs your help.  If you haven’t noticed it in 2020, you will notice it in 2021.  The New Earth is emerging, the energies are intense, the world is shifting… these changes will not be easy for many. Which is why YOU are here now.

This is the year the world is ready to receive your unique gifts and services.

This is your year to receive abundance and freedom in return for all you are here to give.

Let’s do this!

Sending you Love, Light, and a Magical New Year,

 – Beth Weinstein

P.S. I have signed new clients while totally offline drinking ayahuasca in the jungle of Peru for 2 weeks more than once…  Running your own business is not always easy, but it gives you freedom to make money when and how you want, on your terms — even when you aren’t actually “working”!!  It IS possible to take weeks off and make great money. I will tell you how in our free strategy call – just click here to apply for a call time – I only have a few slots open.