What’s the Best Way to Build a Dream Business? Eat the Elephant.

What’s the Best Way to Build a Dream Business? Eat the Elephant.

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? If you already know the answer, don’t tell anyone. Because the best way to eat an elephant? 

Is one bite at a time.

I know, I know… it’s cheesy. But I wanted to make a point. 🙂 See, soooo many people get stuck when they think about starting or growing their dream business. 

They see the MASSIVE task before them… get freaked… and then… don’t do anything. They take NO action, whatsoever… or, even worse, they put their energy towards the wrong actions: the things that take them away from where they want to go (no fun). It’s like “analysis paralysis” on steroids.

Now, back to our little joke… what’s the best way to build a dream business?

One action step at a time.

What most business-owners fail at (regardless of the stage of business they’re at) is taking the right actions, consistently. They get completely paralyzed by the elephant-sized task before them. They see the entire elephant rather than the bite-sized chunk they can handle. 🐘

Knowing it’s easy to get paralyzed by “the whole elephant,” now you can catch yourself and reorient your focus to “one bite at a time.”

Of course knowing it’s easy to get paralyzed is just the first step. After you know you get stuck on the “whole elephant,” then you have to get clear on the best bite-sized actions to take to build your business.

That’s where having a guide comes in handy.

Having someone who’s on your side, who can see your “big vision,” hold you accountable to your vision, and get you focused on the right actions to take…

…will dramatically speed up growing your business (and make it easier than eating an entire elephant).

Because the truth is you can eat the entire elephant on your own, but having someone who’s already done it, who can show you what to “eat” first, will make your process so much easier.

And that’s why I’m here, to guide you through growing your business… one bite at time…

Until you’re there, the “elephant” is eaten, and you’re traveling the world… or buying your dream house… or just getting that once-a-week massage you know you need. To get started, fill out an application for a Free Map Out Your Heart-Based Business Session using the button below.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to hard-sell you on anything. That’s not my style. If we’re the right fit, you probably already know it in your gut.

So take the first bite now… listen to your gut… and apply for a free session with me (click the button below). Growing your dream business can be so much easier than eating an 🐘.

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