Why Trust is needed in your spiritual coaching business

Why Trust is needed in your spiritual coaching business

How do you feel when you hear the word “TRUST”?  Does it scare you? Do you trust in life? The concept of TRUST has been coming up a lot lately with my clients, peers, friends, and myself.

So many people are stuck, lost and frustrated in the business, and a lot of the problem comes down to the deeper issue of trust. Trust in oneself, and trusting in life.

Often you might have clarity and know your calling, and even know the right steps to make  money with it, but then you’re blocked by yourself.  You get stuck… you’re in your own way.  You aren’t sure you can really do it. You’re afraid you’re going to fail and lose it all.  You’re afraid of being an imposter.  You don’t feel worthy of asking for money that will support you.

Which is all a deeper lack of trust.

Back in 2011 when I finally got serious about the entrepreneurial journey, I had a call with a “psychic” who was recommended by a friend.  The psychic said a lot of useless stuff that I don’t remember, but one thing she said to me hit like a ton of bricks:


She elaborated saying how I needed to develop trust in ME (not society, family, friends, etc), and how this is the key to everythingI knew what she meant, but didn’t know if I had self-trust or not.  So I dug deep into the inquiry of “trust”, saw what she meant and developed a super strong self-trust muscle. It’s been a life-long journey to totally trust myself, and fully trust in life.  Trusting in LIFE has definitely been a deeper, tougher journey.

Do you know what it means to trust in Life?

Trust that everything happens for a reason.

Trust that Life wants the best for you.

Trust that both the “good” and “bad” are here for your evolution.

Trust that your journey is perfect.

Trust that The Universe wants you to be happy, abundant, and have all your deepest desires manifest.

I was recently put to the trust test…

I was “barely working” for about 6-7 weeks after recently moving to my new home. Besides serving my clients (who are kicking a$s in their biz’s right now, btw!), most of my energy was put into settling into my new home and getting grounded.

I kept wavering between my fears and worries that taking all this “time off” would hurt my business, and trusting that I needed to take time to settle in… it was a struggle, but I constantly kept going back into TRUST.

Trust the process. Trust the journey. Trust it will all work out. Trust I’ve done and am still doing the work at hand.

I kept my daily spiritual/mindset practices, kept my heart open, used the time to set new intentions with my business, served my clients 110% …. and stayed in TRUST.  Low and behold, right at week 5.5, a new client came to me totally out of the blue!!

(Hey, this does not mean you don’t need to do any work!! It means you need to do the necessary work AND learn how to balance the yin and yang to co-create with the Universe).

Here are some words of wisdom from one of my favorite songs, Ábrete Corazón:

“Open your wings, Breathe deeply.

And lift yourself up to the sky.

Look at the sun in front of you like eagles do.

Have no fear, Trust in Yourself.

Trust in God; Trust in Life”

Trust is soooo essential on this deep journey of living your soul’s purpose. Do you trust yourself?  Do you trust in life?

 – Beth Weinstein

Bonus trust gifts: beautiful flowers keep appearing on my land! 🙂