Breathwork for Psychedelic Integration with Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan Schecter: Breathwork for Psychedelic Integration, Episode 92, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Jonathan Schecter is an integration coach, podcast host, and certified breathwork facilitator. He works with men to help them find clarity & unlock lasting change in their work with mushrooms and plant medicine. The methods he uses in coaching are the same ones he’s used to transform his own life.

Coming out of an abusive marriage left him feeling lost, stuck and unhappy; within this dark night of the soul, and during a deep exploration of self-working with plant medicine, he discovered breathwork, and started prioritizing the integration process as much as the time he was spending within the ceremony space.

Looking inward and asking himself what would have helped at the beginning of his own journey led Jonathan into service as an integration coach and breathwork facilitator, as well as launching The Vital Point podcast which centers on different practices for personal transformation and growth.

In this episode, Jonathan Schecter and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • The career path that eventually brought Jonathan to become a breathwork facilitator
  • Jonathan’s realization that he had to take responsibility for his own healing and leave an abusive marriage
  • Working intensively with mushrooms and awakening to the importance of psychedelic integration
  • Introducing cold exposure and breathwork into his self-care practices
  • Beginning down the path of breathwork by exploring many different modalities and ultimately becoming a facilitator of  Neurodynamic Breathwork
  • Coming out of the psychedelic closet
  • Jonathan’s process of integrating psychedelic coaching into his breathwork offering
  • Why breathwork is an incredible support for psychedelic preparation and integration
  • How common it is for people to go to ceremony after ceremony without experiencing lasting transformation because they are not putting in the integration work
  • Jonathan’s journey through Beth’s mastermind and how it has nourished his longing to be of service in ways that feel truly aligned with what he sees is needed in the world
  • The importance of nervous system regulation as an entrepreneur
  • Bringing the somatics into mindset and manifestation work
  • The power of growing your capacity to feel uncomfortable feelings and express vulnerability

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