Colette Condorcita: Psychedelic Change Work: Healing & Transformation from Self to Collective

Colette Condorcita: Psychedelic Change Work: Healing & Transformation from Self to Collective, Episode 168, Medicine for These Times

Colette Condorcita is an activist, psychedelic coach, facilitator, consultant, and regenerative developer. She has been working with and studying psychedelic technologies for nearly 25 years. Raised by social justice activists in the Quaker community in Philadelphia, Colette has supported individuals in collective healing and justice movements her entire life.

At age 14, Colette had a life-changing spinal cord injury during an athletic competition, preceded by a prophetic dream. She was completely paralyzed from the neck down with a 2% chance of recovery. Utilizing self-directed neuroplasticity to heal she developed what she identifies as a “Shamanic Neurotype”, a form of Neurodivergence that is similar to what many utilize psychedelic experiences to achieve, and walked out of the hospital.

Colette received her BA in International Development and Relations and horrified by the U.S. international development model, came to work in regenerative agriculture and social justice initiatives in the Global South with Indigenous communities and has nearly 15 years of study and collaboration with Entheogenic traditions in the Americas. Colette is passionate about the integration of the Neurodivergent versus the Pathology paradigm of mental health and advocates for creating balanced frameworks for her clients and the larger psychedelic movement.

Episode Highlights

▶ The life-changing injury Colette experienced and the Shamanic neurotype she developed

▶  First psychedelic experience and how it led her to the work she does today

▶  The ecological and activist work Colette focuses on

▶  Challenges and hopes for collective healing

▶  Cultural reflections and personal insights

▶ The delicate balance of hope and grief for the world today

▶  The questions that come up when working with entheogenic psychedelic technologies

▶  The future of the psychedelics industry

▶  Legalization vs. decriminalization of psychedelics

▶  Grassroots political change and activism that we all need right now

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