Echoes of Ancient Future From Arctic Siberia with Snow Raven

Snow Raven: Echoes of Ancient Future From Arctic Siberia, Episode 141, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Can the power of voice bridge the gap between indigenous roots and modern society? Join Beth Weinstein for a deep dive into musician Snow Raven’s captivating journey from her upbringing in a remote Sakha village in Siberia to the cosmopolitan streets of LA.

Known for her awe-inspiring performances, including her phenomenal “arctic beatbox”, Snow Raven reveals how the voice can be a conduit for self-expression, nature connection, and the exploration of spiritual realms. Enjoy this inspiring conversation that highlights the transformative power of sound, imagination, and attention in creating a more harmonious world.

In this episode, Snow Raven and Beth Weinstein discuss…

▶Snow Raven’s vocal performances as the channeling pure energy
▶ The power of voice as a tool for self-expression, communication and healing
▶ Voice as a means to connect with nature and the spirit world
▶ Snow Raven’s journey from a remote Siberian village to New York City
▶ The challenges of maintaining indigenous roots in a modern society
▶ Her vision for the “OLOX ecosystem” to celebrate and share indigenous cultures
▶ Exploring psychedelic experiences and plant medicines
▶ Indigenous reliance on sound and voice for altering consciousness
▶ Her upcoming release of an ambient album blending original and traditional songs
▶ Working on mainstream commercial songs to reach a wider audience
▶ The importance of imagination and attention
▶ Snow Raven’s belief that the gift of voice is within everyone

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