Venus Paloma Rodríguez: Unity & Ancestral Healing in BIPOC Communities

Venus Paloma Rodríguezon Unity & Ancestral Healing in BIPOC communities: Episode 36, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

With over 20 years of experience training and working alongside Homebirth Midwives as a Doula and 13 years
with shamanic teachers, Venus has learned the art of holding space, facilitating healing, ritual, and ceremony. She offers a nurturing, inclusive, and safe experience with dedication to your healing and expansion.

In addition to the ceremony, Venus provides the opportunity for processing your experience and support with integration work. She is trained in Reiki energy healing and offers sessions to assist your body in somatic
integration. She lives in the Hudson Valley, NY area, and is a wife, mother to three young adults, and a
grandmother to a magical little girl.

In this episode, Venus Paloma Rodríguezon and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Cannabis and tobacco as sacred plant medicines
  • The taboos surrounding both cannabis and tobacco
  • Ancestral healing and the reclamation of traditional medicines by BIPOC communities
  • How we all have indigenous roots
  • Diversity (and lack of it) in psychedelic circles
  • The collective ‘bypassing’ of issues of diversity and accessibility by the greater psychedelic community
  • The importance of sacred reciprocity and the right relationship with the plants themselves and the cultures
  • that have carried them
  • Issues around systematizing healing and some drawbacks of requiring licensure for healers
  • Conscious parenting in relation to the use of plant medicines

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