Meme Medicine & Reclaiming Yourself Through Creativity with James McCrae

James McCrae: Meme Medicine & Reclaiming Yourself Through Creativity, Episode 158, Medicine For These Times

James McCrae is an author, meme poet, and teacher who empowers creators to live with purpose and turn imagination into reality. He is the founder of Sunflower Club, a global community dedicated to creativity as a tool for personal healing and social transformation. As a creative strategist, he has worked with top brands and startups to define and actualize their message and mission. His books include Sh#t Your Ego Says and How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis and The Art of You. James lives in Austin, Texas.

Episode Highlights

▶ What it’s like to be a creative influencer

▶ How James became a meme poet 

▶  The power of social media and authenticity in building a brand

▶ A look into what it’s like navigating the challenges of social media and public perception

▶ The power of embracing vulnerability and authenticity in the creative process

▶ Dealing with criticism and staying true to your voice

▶  The impact of compassionate communication

▶ The impact AI has on creation and authenticity 

▶ Choosing humanity over AI in creativity

▶  How AI might change our lives in the future

▶ Embracing creativity as cathartic, healing, and fulfilling 

▶ How James supports artists in the Sunflower Club

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