Sinclair Fleetwood: Plant Medicine & Holistic Integration: The Ultimate Path to Service

Sinclair Fleetwood: Plant Medicine & Holistic Integration: The Ultimate Path to Service, Episode 86, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Sinclair Fleetwood is the founder of Mystical Heart Collective and The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, and is living proof of the transformational power of psychedelics. She was called to heal with plant medicine after battling a life-threatening addiction and losing her father in prison to violence and alcoholism. Sinclair spent two years living in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and working closely with ayahuasca and San Pedro, ancestral rituals, and shamanic ceremony – healing in retreat with more than 400 people during her time managing operations at a medicine retreat center.

During her time in the trenches of the ayahuasca industry, she saw a disturbing and reckless trend: There was no real preparation, aftercare, or integration support being offered – components that are absolutely vital to completing the healing circle created through working with psychedelics. Now, as a trained and certified Transformational and Psychedelic Integration Coach, Sinclair provides experienced holistic guidance throughout the entire psychedelic journey. Sinclair specializes in working with healers, facilitators, empaths, and those on the medicine path who are ready to level up so that you can thrive, enjoy your life, and be in service at your highest possible capacity.

In this episode, Sinclair Fleetwood and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Sinclair’s early psychedelic experiences and her journey through and beyond addiction
  • The retreat center in Ecuador where Sinclair first drank ayahuasca and how she swiftly moved from being a retreatant to a volunteer to managing the whole center
  • The harsh realization that the ayahuasca retreat center where she worked was not serving the medicine safely
  • Ultimately building a program that was rooted in exactly what Sinclair recognized she had needed for her own psychedelic preparation and integration, but had not been available to her
  • How working with psychedelic medicines is not just about having peak experiences, but about cultivating and integrating changes inspired by those experiences over time
  • How Sinclair’s business has dramatically shifted over the course of her engagement with Beth’s True Bath Mastermind Program
  • The “Rise an Align” program Sinclair has created, which is hybrid of curriculum, community and 1:1 coaching
  • “Rise an Align” as about rising into your highest self out of old stories and limiting beliefs and aligning with your heart to truly embody the wisdom you receive from the medicine
  • The prevalence of entrepreneurship running on hyper-masculine energy and the need to balance the masculine and feminine in business
  • Being careful not to jump into service as a spiritual bypass to avoid doing your own work
  • How coaching brings you into your truth and authenticity
  • Your business as an integral part of your spiritual journey
  • Feelings of being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole – and how sometimes we feel there is something wrong with us because of our uniqueness, when in fact our uniqueness is the medicine we carry
  • Resilience – the capacity to ride the ups and down of entrepreneurship – as the key to success
  • Beth as a business coach AND a spiritual coach
  • All the juicy details of Sinclair’s holistic psychedelic integration coaching container and her upcoming retreat offering on the beach in Mexico

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